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Malaria Tablets & Advice

Malaria Tablets & Advice

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Malaria is an infectious disease usually spread by infected mosquitos. This disease can be life-threatening and is of most danger to pregnant women and young children.

Some forms of the malaria infection may take a while before symptoms start to show. You may not begin to feel unwell for several days, weeks or possibly even months.

The Symptoms of Malaria include:

  • high temperature
  • headache
  • shivering
  • tiredness


It can be lifesaving to receive quick medical treatment, antimalarial tablets are recommended if travelling to a location classed as a high-risk area.  Other precautions can also be taken to try to stay safe in high risks areas, this includes using repellents and sleeping under mosquito nets.


What Malaria Tablets Will I Need?

The Malaria tablets you may need will depend on different factors including which Country/Region you are travelling to, if this is a high-risk area, the reason for travelling (for example if you are backpacking or on a package holiday), your budget for medication and your medical history. 

Pall Mall Medical offers a Travel Health Consultation with our practice nurse.  From this consultation, our Practice Nurse can advise what Malaria tablets are needed. Our Practice Nurse can also provide you with other information regarding how to stay healthy and safe while you're away, for example, if any vaccines are needed.


Costs for Private Malaria Advice & Prescriptions



Travel Health Consultation with Nurse


Travel Health Consultation with Nurse
+ Private Prescription Form for Malaria Tablets

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Private Malaria Tablet Advice and Private Prescriptions at Pall Mall Medical


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If you would like to book a Nurse consultation for Malaria tablet advice and (if needed) get a private prescription form for obtaining medication from your chosen pharmacy, please call us at Pall Mall Medical on 03300 58 44 55 or email 

We have appointments available Monday to Saturday including at times around school or work hours for your added convenience.