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BUPA survey shows lack of w...

BUPA survey shows lack of workplace health initiatives


Men with prostate cancer face a lack of access to specialist NHS nurses and are often denied the latest and best drug treatments, a new report has warned this week.

4% of employee respondents who participated in a BUPA survey say that their employer has run a health initiative relating to cancer.

However, its study of 4,000 UK employees and 1,000 UK employers of higher managerial level, as well as 12,800 staff and 862 employers in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Poland, also found that more than a third (38%) of employer respondents said that preventing cancer among employees is a priority for their organisation.

More than a quarter (28%) of employee respondents would like their employer to provide more guidance or information about exercise, while 14% of employee respondents have said they had taken lifestyle action because of a health campaign run by their employer.

Smoking is an area of focus for employers, with 11% of employee respondents saying that a smoking cessation program had been ran within their workplace. 13% of staff have also participated in a health incentive hosted by their employer.

Stephanie Byrom of Pall Mall Medical said “The workplace is a key platform to reach out to people and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Smart employers acknowledge the importance of healthy employees in the workplace, and here at Pall Mall Medical we actively support those employers with a range of health services to promote a healthy lifestyle”.