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Binge-drinking among young adults in Britain is continuing to fall, figures from the Office for National Statistics show. Our very own Dr Rao recently commented for around the topic of alcohol consumption, and once again provides comment on today's news...

The proportion of this group bingeing at least once a week is now down from 29% in 2005 to 18% in 2013. It is thought that fewer adults are choosing to drink alcohol and also opting to drink less when they do.

More than a fifth of UK adults now say they do not drink alcohol at all - a slight increase on 2005.

Men drinking more than eight units of alcohol on their heaviest drinking day in one week are considered to have binged.

For women, binge-drinking equates to drinking more than six units of alcohol in one day.

Two units of alcohol is roughly equivalent to one pint of normal strength lager, or one medium-sized (175ml) glass of wine.

Dr Rao, GP at Pall Mall Medical said "The body likes predictable habits not shocks. These results are much more promising, owing to the fact that they are a longer term and in most cases gradual change. This is much more beneficial than the likes of Dry January, which is often unsustainable and a shock to the system".

Dr Rao also commented on the common belief that red wine in small amounts is actually healthy. "Red wine is thought to be more beneficial because of an antioxidant known as reserveratrol found in the skin of grapes. Studies in mice have shown a possible health benefit but whether or not this translates to humans is yet unknown".

Pall Mall Medical offers an 'Alcohol Risk Test', perfect for assessing how your current intake of alcohol could be affecting your health, and providing a benchmark should you be looking at cutting back. Our friendly GPs can offer advice, support to help you cut down your alcohol intake and manage your lifestyle more effectively.

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