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Pall Mall Medical urges wom...

Pall Mall Medical urges women to attend regular breast screening...

Doctors at Pall Mall Medical are urging women to attend regular breast screening, following television presenter Carol McGiffin's announcement that she spent 2014 battling breast cancer.

The former Loose Women star told the media she discovered a lump in her breast while on holiday in Malaysia last February. The 54 year old says she has now "got through it" after a mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions.

Photographed in the paper with a shorn hairstyle, McGiffin said "I don't want to pretend any more. I kept it a secret because I didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me".

With breast cancer being the most widespread cancer among UK women, it is more vital than ever for women to attend regular screenings - with mammograms being the most useful tool for breast cancer detection. Current guidance suggests that a mammogram should be performed every three years for women between the ages of 47 and 73.

Get Screened...

Doctors at Pall Mall Medical have today urged any woman already experiencing symptoms, such as lumps on self-examination, pain or even nipple discharge to seek medical help straight away, and also reinforced the call that even those not experiencing symptoms, should attend regular screening.

The Rapid Access Breast Clinic at Pall Mall Medical has been created to give a full assessment of breast health as quickly as possible to give peace of mind to women and their families, as well as to identify any problem as early as possible.

Where possible, the consultation, diagnostic scans and biopsy procedure takes place on the same day at our diagnostic and surgical centre in Newton-le-Willows. All the required consultations, tests and scans can then take place in one location.

If you have any concerns about breast health, why not give us a call to speak to a member of our team? 0330 058 44 55 or email us.