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New Year, New You: Cosmetic...

New Year, New You: Cosmetic Surgery Financing

By Catherine Hall, Pall Mall Medical,

Have you been dreaming of having a breast uplift, tummy tuck, or even botox? Well now you can!

Pall Mall Medical are working alongside affordIt Now to offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery financing options, so you can enjoy the luxury of private medical facilities and the care of highly trained professionals at an affordable price. This means that whatever your cosmetic desire or need might be, you don’t have to worry about having the funds ‘up front’.  You’re able to spread the costs over a period of either months, or years depending on what suits your financial situation.

Many people see cosmetic surgery as being beyond their reach, but this isn’t the case with Pall Mall Medical. Available on over 70 services over the value of £250 we have all of your medical needs covered.


Deposits as little as 5%!

The deposit can be a minimum of 5%, meaning that a £400 procedure would amount to as little as a £20 deposit. Therefore, when booking a boob job on finance the deposit would be around £175, you could also book a tummy tuck on finance with us, leaving a deposit as little as £274.75. Wherever we offer finance we make sure we offer two “recommended” finance options for each service to give you an idea of costing.


Credit history doesn’t matter!

Many finance providers assess your credit history to see if you’re acceptable for new finance services, however, affordIt Now uses a predictability checker to rate your credit. This means that so long as your credit is improving - the past needn’t be a curse.

Many people have reservations when it comes to cosmetic surgery as they fear hidden costs, whatever they might be.  However, rest assured there are no hidden costs with the cosmetic surgery financing service available through Pall Mall Medical. We ensure that our patients understand the financial arrangement we offer down to the last detail. Payments will be made directly to affordIt Now through means of direct debit, so you never need to worry about remembering to make a payment.


Read the full finance terms and conditions for our medical finance or contact us for more information and to start the application process.

Have the surgery you have always dreamed of, without breaking the bank!