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Nutrition and diet the dish...

Nutrition and diet the dish of health!

By Raja Pitalia, Business Manager, Pall Mall Medical,

One of the most powerful means of healing health and performance is your choice of nutrition. Nutrition and diet are the major elements of a healthy body and can to be accomplished in range of areas through proper expertise. Whether it is the deficiency of vitamins or poor nutritional strategies, a right encasement of nutrients and balanced diet is crucial.

Recognise the role nutrition plays in health

Nutrition plays a vital role in the human body with a healthy diet  averting many health problems. Nutrition helps foster the immune system, allowing the recovery of diseases and augmenting the body’s resistance. The involvement of nutrition is explored in identifying diseases and health conditions caused by dietary factors.

Nutrition focuses on how diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented or lessened with a healthy diet. In addition, it involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by a poor diet. For our body’s systems to function properly and flawlessly, good nutrition is the ultimate focus point. Scientific studies show that good nutrition is a proven aid to promote good sleep, reduce body fat, maintain healthy weight and provide immense energy in your body.

Do you know the diseases you can get by missing key nutrition from your place?

Essential nutrition required by our body include vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fat. The main factor of a lagging nutrition in the body is the absence of a balanced and proper diet. Indeed, the biggest factor behind the failure of recreating nutrition in body is a misguide of the necessary balance. Malnutrition gives an open invitation to some of the common nutrition related diseases, including:

-          Vitamin deficiency diseases such as dry skin, night blindness, spine diseases etc.,

-          Carbohydrates deficiency diseases such as slow growth in children, diarrhoea etc.,

-          Protein deficiency diseases such as mental retardation, blotted stomach and so on.

Alongside this, it also leads to many different troubles ranging from feebleness and energy deficiency to serious malfunctioning of vital organs and restricted growth.

It is vital to choose the best nutrition, and to take care of the correct balance of diet and nutrients.

A healthy, balanced diet!

A balanced diet significantly improves fitness and development of health. It ensures incoming nutrition, energy and care of cells, tissues and organs in the body. A balanced diet is the check to everyday health – it keeps you disease free and is a crucial factor to support normal growth.

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