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Why Choose Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery?

Laparoscopic gynecological surgery is the preferred choice for many women facing gynecological conditions such as:

  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Adhesions
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Pelvic pain

By choosing laparoscopic surgery, patients can benefit from superior surgical outcomes, faster recovery, and reduced risk compared to traditional open surgery. Our team of experienced gynecological surgeons at [Your Clinic/Hospital Name] is dedicated to providing compassionate, personalized care to women at every stage of life.

Claire, Pall Mall Patient

Benefits of Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery:

  • Minimized Scarring: Laparoscopic surgery involves smaller incisions compared to traditional open surgery, resulting in minimal scarring and improved cosmetic outcomes. This is particularly beneficial for patients concerned about their appearance post-surgery.
  • Faster Recovery: The minimally invasive nature of laparoscopic surgery means less trauma to surrounding tissues, leading to quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays compared to traditional open surgery. Patients can return to their daily activities sooner, reducing disruption to their lives.

  • Reduced Pain and Discomfort: With laparoscopic surgery, patients experience less postoperative pain and discomfort due to the smaller incisions and reduced tissue trauma. This translates to a more comfortable recovery process and improved overall patient satisfaction.

  • Lower Risk of Complications: Laparoscopic gynecological surgery offers a lower risk of complications such as infection and bleeding compared to traditional open surgery. This can provide patients with peace of mind knowing that they are undergoing a safer and more advanced surgical approach.

Katrzyna, Pall Mall Patient

Experience the Future of Women's Healthcare

Unlock the possibilities of modern gynecological care with laparoscopic surgery. Empower yourself with a safer, less invasive surgical option that prioritizes your health, comfort, and well-being. Schedule your consultation with our expert gynecological team today and take the first step towards a healthier tomorrow.

We have experience of delivering 5 star services to over 10,000 patients every year.

This is why our patients rate us Excellent on Trustpilot.

Surgery Costs

Consultation with Gynaecologist
  • General appointments & consultations

HyCoSy Procedure

  • Includes follow up appointment with Gynaecologist
  • No NHS referral needed
  • No waiting lists
*Any clinical services taken during the appointment will incur additional fees including testing, referral letters and prescriptions.

Financing your private gynaecology appointment

The financial pressure of funding a consultation with a private gynaecologist can prevent many women from booking an appointment, even if they require urgent treatment.

At Pall Mall, our aim is to make specialist and immediate gynaecological care accessible and offer a range of flexible medical finance options for a little extra support.

14.9% APR Representative example:

Total cost of treatment £3495

Cost of deposit £500

The total amount of Credit £2995

Total charge for credit £1183.40

Total Amount Repayable £4678.40

Repayable over 60 months

Monthly payments of £69.64

14.9% APR Representative

Katrzyna, Pall Mall Patient

Discover Compassionate Healthcare at the Highest Standard with a Private Gynaecologist.

With no long waiting lists and flexibility with booking your private appointment, you will receive quality time with your gynaecologist to discuss any worrying symptoms you may be experiencing. Whether you have a particular concern or are simply after a general health checkup, our specialists can advise on and treat a broad range of conditions.

When it comes to gynaecological health, some patients find it difficult to see their regular GP. Visiting a private gynaecologist is an option that many are unaware of. With our private gynaecology appointments, you will have quick access to a team of experts in women's health with a deep understanding of all your medical and emotional needs.

Pall Mall Clinic, Manchester

How can I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation with one of our leading Gynaecologists  without a referral from your GP or the NHS. Simply call our booking team on 0161 394 0314 or complete the enquiry form on this page and request a face-to-face, telephone or video consultation. We don't have any waiting lists and offer flexible appointment times and extended opening hours, including weekend appointments and evening appointments after school/work hours.

We put you at the heart of everything we do

We put the patient at the heart of everything we do.

Pall Mall Medical is owned and led by doctors –which means care without compromise. We’re driven by how best we can deliver what you need from start to finish.

  • Care Quality Commission Regulated.
  • No waiting lists.
  • Rated 4.95 by our patients.
  • No referrals required.

Enquire About Gynaecology Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our expert team are always hand to help, advise and arrange appointments with our specialist consultants.

What does a Gynaecologist do?

A Gynaecologist is a doctor who specialises in the medical care of women, especially concerning the female reproductive system. They deal with issues such as pregnancy, menstruation, childbirth, hormone disorders, fertility problems and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to girls and women.

Do Gynaecologists perform surgery

Yes. Some of the common gynecologic surgery procedures are; removal of ovarian cysts, removal of fibroids, surgical treatment of gynecological cancers and removal of parts of the reproductive system.

When should I see a Gynaecologist for the first time?

Ideally girls should make a first visit to see a gynaecologist between the ages of 13-15. to discuss sexually transmitted infection screening, prevention, and other health care advice Unless you are sexually active or have vaginal discharge or other complaints, you will not need an internal pelvic exam. A pap smear test for cervical cancer involves an internal exam and does not start until you are 21 years old.

Always here to help, whenever you need us

Our expert team are always here to help, advise and arrange appointments with our specialist consultants.