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Women at Work - How to stay...

Women at Work - Hays and Pall Mall Medical Event



We were happy to host the Women at Work Event in partnership with Hays. It was a great opportunity to bring together a group of women who wear many hats at work, as well as at home. We got together to share and listen to each other's stories. The common theme was how little time there is to take care of yourself.


In their busy schedules, many women often neglect their health. This does not mean going to the gym, working out or being active. Rather, ensuring you take the time to have the routine health check ups that can give you a piece of mind when you are well. At the same time, raise the alarm when needed and help you detect conditions, ailments and diseases as early as possible. An early diagnosis can change the duration and nature of the treatment itself. 


Our Director - Dr Shikha Pitalia - spoke from her personal experiences of being an entrepreneur, a doctor, a mother and more. She emphasised the need for health check ups to ensure your best health as well as the health of your loved ones. She shared her experiences where early diagnosis of breast cancer through a mammogram could essentially give her patients a fighting chance against the disease. 


One of the best way to stay healthy is being proactive about health. This includes leading a lifestyle that is conducive for good health as well as getting regular health check ups. Several factors such as family history, lifestyle, age and sex can contribute to health issues. Women are most at risk for breast cancer, which can be diagnosised using mammogram. The NHS recommends getting a mammogram every 3 years starting at the age of 47 years. However, if you have a family history or any symptoms, or you simply want to have peace of mind, you can book in for a mammogram at a much younger age. Similarly, if you have family history for any other ailments such as diabetes, then it is advisable to have regular check ups that can help you monitor your health and detect any changes early on. 


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