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Endoscopy & Surgery

Endoscopy & Surgery

Endoscopy, Operations and Procedures at Pall Mall Medical

Pall Mall Medical, has not only a state of the art hospital located in Newton-le-Willows, but also two city centre locations in Liverpool and Manchester, and is home to an array of experienced consultant surgeons who perform operations and procedures privately for those who cannot wait or prefer the benefits that private healthcare brings.

You're able to book a consultation to see any of our experienced consultants in any of the specialities to discuss and arrange surgery most suited to your needs.

Our modern state of the art theatres, offer "Laminar Flow", an advanced feature to maximise cleanliness and patient comfort, as well as post-op wards and ensuite rooms ensure that your comfort is at that highest level at all times. High-quality patient care is our number one priority when you visit any of our locations.

A wide range of clinical specialities are available including, breast care, urology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, gynaecology, general surgery, dermatology, ENT, and plastic & cosmetic surgery, read more about our consultants.

 If you need to have an operation, our Consultants have immediate access to our own private hospital and partner private hospitals - the choice is always yours.

Pall Mall Medical patients are assured that there are no waiting times for surgery. Operations can be arranged quickly and at a time that is convenient.
You are able to skip the waiting lists of the NHS and get the operation you need quickly, at a time to suit you. Our consultants will be with you at every step of the way, giving you the information you need and explaining everything in a relaxed consultation before you decide to proceed.


What types of surgery do you offer?

Our theatres are have been designed to perform many types of surgery. Using state of the art facilities, our specialist consultants carry out a wide array of procedures and operations, across all medical areas, including orthopaedic surgery, vascular procedures, gynaecological operations and many more. Our pre and post operative care is second-to-none and we pride ourselves on our high levels of cleanliness, substantially minimising the factors that could lead to infection.

If you have medical insurance, or even if you don't, you're able to access the operations and procedures quickly at our facilities. As we don't have waiting lists, you can be scheduled for your appointment quickly, meaning no lengthy waits to get the treatment you need.

Some of our more popular operations and procedures include circumcisions (cultural, cosmetic and medical), vasectomy and vasectomy reversal and sterilisation.

All of our operations and procedures are performed in our purpose built, state-of-the-art surgical centre in Newton-le-Willows. Some operations are also available under local anaesthetic at our clinics in King Street, Manchester and St Paul's Square, Liverpool.

We also provide many standard procedures, which are available to self-paying and insured patients, contact us for more information.


Rapid Access Breast Clinic

If you are experiencing any potential signs of breast cancer then Pall Mall Medical’s Rapid Access Breast Clinic will give you the reassurance you need quickly. Consultations included in the clinic are an appointment with Dr Razzaq, a Consultant Radiologist, and Mr Farooq, a Consultant Breast Surgeon, where you can discuss your symptoms and any family history of breast cancer. You will also have a detailed mammogram.

If the symptoms are thought to be cancerous then you will be given a biopsy, with results available within 48 hours during a follow-up appointment with a consultant, giving you peace of mind that you will receive a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Rapid Access Breast Clinic


Dermatology and Skin Problems Clinic

Skin problems can cause a range of symptoms which can impact on people’s everyday lives as they can cause people to feel self-conscious and lead to problems such as issues with sleep (for example from excessive itching). 

Common skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne can affect people at any age and any area of the body and it is often difficult to diagnose a cause. Our experts, can diagnose your condition, including performing allergy skin tests if necessary and then put together a treatment plan specific to your condition.

The clinic also helps with a range of other skin problems including mole removal, skin cancer detection and inflammatory skin diseases.

Dermatology and Skin Problems


Our Locations - Pall Mall Medical

Our Locations

Liverpool City Centre – 5 St Pauls Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ
Located in the heart of the business district by the Passport Office, our newest clinic has parking in close proximity and is within walking distance of Liverpool Lime Street station.

Manchester City Centre – 61 King Street, Manchester, M2 4PD
Our private healthcare clinic is right within the city centre’s Arndale shopping district with nearby parking and is within walking distance of Manchester Piccadilly and Victoria stations.

Newton-Le-Willows – 1 Belvedere Road, Newton-Le-Willows, WA12 0JJ
The jewel in our crown is a purpose built diagnostic and surgical hospital with state of the art theatres, en-suite bedrooms, onsite MRI, CT, X-ray, Mammography and Ultrasound scanning with free on-site parking.

Have a question? Ask Dr Jenna Burton...

Dr Jenna Burton is an aesthetic and medical physician, medical writer and presenter who is involved heavily within population health promotion.

She focuses particularly on the promotion of chronic eating disorder management and emotional health.

Dr Burton regularly contributes articles to the Pall Mall Medical blog on aesthetics, family health and more.

She is happy to answer your questions on any aspect of your, or your family’s health – simply ask your question today.

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" Thank you Dr. McCulloch! I saw Dr. McCulloch for a well-woman check this past week. He was not only kind and caring, but took the time to answer all of my questions. He put me at ease straight away from the minute I walked into his consulting room. He did a thorough check and gave me the time to discuss all my concerns. I think I will be having a regular check-up each year with Dr. McCulloch and should I have any additional concerns about my health, I would not hesitate to book an appointment with him. The staff, including the nurse who took my blood samples, were lovely and welcoming, too. Thanks again Pall Mall Medical."

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