7 Top Tips for Winter Skincare By A Dermatologist

Do you find that your skin worsens during the winter months?

When the air is cold and dry outside, your skin loses moisture much more rapidly which can result in your skin feeling rough, flaky and irritated. Furthermore, indoor heating systems can wreak havoc on your skin, as the dry indoor heat sucks out the moisture in the air.

Dr Vikram Rajkomar is a highly experienced Consultant Adult & Paediatric Dermatologist at Pall Mall Medical, and he advises that the key to healthy, winter skin lies with hydration. To combat this, he recommends avoiding long baths as this saps the skin of its moisture, along with curbing your coffee intake – as a diuretic it will increase the amount of water your body expels.

Sleep helps fight the signs of premature ageing by allowing the skin to replenish and repair itself overnight. You can give your skin a helping hand by applying a rich moisturising cream before bed for a brighter and healthier complexion.

Dr Rajkomar’s top Winter skincare tips also include:

  • Use a gentle fragrance free cleanser to remove dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils
  • Apply a high factor SPF to avoid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as UVA rays are still present in the winter months
  • Be conscious about the fabrics you’re wearing, i.e wool can irritate already dry and itchy skin. Choose light and breathable fabrics for clothes that sit directly on the skin.

If these tips don’t help to alleviate your dry skin symptoms, it could be useful to see a dermatologist. At Pall Mall Medical, our consultants are able to advise you on the best course of action when treating whichever skin condition you may have. You do not need a referral from the NHS, you can simply call and book an appointment.

Need to See a Dermatologist?

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