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Pall Mall MRI scanner

Imaging Terms and Conditions

Imaging Terms and Conditions

Please note Pall Mall Medical (PMM) carry out the MRI, CT, Mammography & X-Ray imaging. PMM take the images using PMM equipment. The images are then sent securely to Consultant Radiologist(s) to report on. The Radiologists are not employed by Pall Mall Medical and are either contracted directly by PMM or by an intermediary Radiologist Group.

PMM ensure all images are reported on by Consultant Radiologists who are regulated by GMC on the speciality register and follow a quality assurance process. When you receive your report, it will state the name of the Consultant Radiologist and their GMC registration number. PMM can facilitate addendums or second opinions if you, or your referring clinician, have further queries or concerns about the report. There may be an additional charge for this.

Imaging is a diagnostic tool, often used to exclude pathology. All diagnostic tools have advantages, disadvantages and limitations. Depending on your particular case, further assessment, diagnostic or intervention may be required. This can be explained by a trained medical professional or the referring clinician. Please request any further information before booking your scan. Only clinicians are able to offer clinical questions and clarifications. Our administrative team cannot answer clinical questions.

Diagnostic scans and subsequent Radiologist reporting focus on the areas that you and your referring clinician have requested during the referral process. In order to provide an accurate report to you, it is important that all relevant and necessary medical history, symptoms and desired outcomes are disclosed to PMM in advance of your referral for the scan. Once a referral has been produced and accepted by the Radiographer, it can only be amended by a suitably qualified professional. The Radiographer cannot make these amendments himself/herself.

Depending on the imaging package you have requested, you should already be made aware of the timeframe by which your radiologist report will be returned to you. Delays in this process do not mean that abnormal pathology has been detected.

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