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Private GPs and Consultants across the North West

Pall Mall Medical provides private healthcare services to self-paying and private medical insured patients, plus corporate medical services to businesses at our North West locations. Rapid access, no waiting lists, convenient and quick appointments, speedy results and same day diagnostics are offered, including MRI scans, CT scanning, x-ray, and mammograms.


Our Private Doctors and Specialist Consultants offer a complete diagnosis and plan for treatment for a diverse range of medical conditions. Whether you require a private medical consultation, sexual health screening, aesthetics, diagnostics or individual health screening, you are in safe hands at our clinics.


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Our Locations - Pall Mall Medical

Our Locations

Pall Mall Medical is one of the fastest growing private healthcare providers in the North West, making private medical and cosmetic treatments more accessible to you.

Our clinics in Manchester and Liverpool have nearby parking, close to mainline rail stations and located in the city centre, making it easy to access our extensive range of services.

Our purpose built diagnostic and surgical centre in Newton-le-Willows has on-site free parking, and offers MRI, CT, X-Ray and more, allowing you to get all the services you need from one place.

Range of Healthcare services

Pall Mall Medical offers vaccinations, private medicals, health screening, diagnostics, investigations, tests, imaging, surgery, occupational health, medico-legal, aesthetics and much more. If you need a knowledgeable and experienced doctor or specialist consultant and need an appointment fast then definitely consider our private clinics.

You can get an appointment with one of our doctors from just £70.

For your peace of mind about any medical problem or concern, contact us today for an affordable private opinion. You can make same day appointments or pre-book at the time that suits you best.

How to get rid of Man Boobs and When to Consider Male Breast Reduction Surgery

9th August 2016

Gynaecomastia (man boobs) is a condition caused by excess tissues in the breast area in men.  This condition could have a detrimental effect on self-consciousness for men especially during situation of a bare top, like swimming or exercise. If you are suffering from Gynaecomastia, Pall Mall Medical are here to…

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Causes of Stress at Work and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

22nd July 2016

Trying to manage stress at work without addressing underlying causes is rather like snipping heads off weeds and leaving the roots beneath to regenerate.    We are told that some stress is good for us because we need a certain amount of it to motivate us, to engage effectively in…

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Have a question? Ask Dr Jenna Burton...

Dr Jenna Burton is an aesthetic and medical physician, medical writer and presenter who is involved heavily within population health promotion.

She focuses particularly on the promotion of chronic eating disorder management and emotional health.

Dr Burton regularly contributes articles to the Pall Mall Medical blog on aesthetics, family health and more.

She is happy to answer your questions on any aspect of your, or your family’s health – simply ask your question today.

Recent Reviews & Comments about Pall Mall Medical

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" "I can assure you that Mr El Gawad won't let you down" "hello. I am from London but live in Blackpool. 50yrs young and underwent adominoplasty [tummy tuck] in August of 2016. My consultant was Mr Ahmed El Gawad. From the moment i met Mr El Gawad i felt valued, important, a humam being. Mr El Gawad understood how my tummy has affected me since childbirth. he "just knew" how much this had not only physically affected me but pshycologically too. His emotional affinity to my long standing suffering was unbelievable. Mr El Gawad explained all the procedural elements to me and how the procedure would take place. We discussed the, short, medium and long term care plan. Mr El Gawad is well known across social media and his profile is if one of the county's most competent professional who exhibits a very personal approach which was conforting and reassuring. Mr El Gawad was always available via social media for online support outside clinic. how good is that!! At +10 days post op, I've just had dressings removed for inspection and"wow!'" what a result and ive still got 3 months of post op care to go through. the quality of work is oustanding and the scarring minimal for this sort of op. I cant recommend Mr El Gawad enough. This procedure is a significant one at a cost so it's important that one has confidence and mutual trust and respect. i can assure you that Mr El Gawad won't let you down. fantastic. modern. clean. customer focused. supportive and just amazing. special thanks to Jemma , Rachel, Amanda, Carol, Bernice and all the staff. Bernice was truly fantastic and vety sweet . They were there with me all day and stayed late until 11pm . superb clinic and staff. The anetheatist was very kind and softly spoken , who reassured me totally. all this goes 101% to making the whole experience." Treatment Received: Tummy Tuck"

5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review

Alison Morris, 10 AUG 2016

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" Just got back home from my breast uplift and augmentation surgery so would like to share my experience.Mr Gawad is the most kind, caring, considerate and proffesional surgeon I have met. I have seen a lot of surgeons and done my research as you should, and I can't speak highly enough of Mr Gawad. He is an absolute credit to his proffesion, and if only all surgeons were like him I'm sure everyone would be feeling like I do. He has totally exceeded my expectations although still early days he has changed my life. From start to finish from the initial consultation to my surgery has been smooth running and his team, clinic and staff are amazing, kind, caring professional. I would 1000000% recommend him to anybody considering surgery he knows exactly what he's doing and I trusted him from the off. I can't wait to go back next week to get tge dressings off send I can't thank him enough or speak highly of him enough! I'm back home and feeling great all thanks to this wonderful man! Thank you Mr Gawad"

5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review 5 star rating review

Emma, 22/07/16