A present to myself: Paige’s breast enlargement story

Hello, my name is Paige Ledson and I had breast enlargement surgery with Mr Topps in January 2022. 

Breast enlargement surgery was something that I’d been thinking about for years but before I booked in, I wanted to ensure that I was the right age for me personally (I’m 24), financially able to afford the surgery and most importantly finding the right surgeon.

Initially when I came for my free consultation with my surgeon at Pall Mall’s Manchester city centre clinic, I had an idea of how I wanted my new boobs to look. However, Mr Topps explained to me that due to my frame and size currently, having the larger size implants that I initially thought I wanted wouldn’t give me my desired look and could cause me some health complications (such as back and shoulder pain).

For me this was one of many factors that really stood out to me about Pall Mall – having a surgeon that was completely honest with me about my cosmetic surgery procedure and realistic about the results that could be achieved. I attended three consultations at different clinics prior to making my decision to choose Pall Mall for my cosmetic surgery procedure.  

My breast enlargement surgery took place on Monday the 10th of January 2022 at Pall Mall’s private hospital in Newton-le-Willows. Mr Ashley Topps, my surgeon who carried out my surgery, was amazing from start to finish. I opted for 335cc implants, and the results are better than I could have ever dreamed of. 

On the day of surgery, I arrived at 7am feeling excited and nervous. This procedure was important to me, but I knew I was in the best possible hands with Mr Topps and the team at Pall Mall. I put my full trust in everyone at Pall Mall Cosmetics and it was 100% the right decision!

After surgery I followed the advice from Mr Topps and took it super easy, but I honestly felt great. For anyone considering breast enlargement surgery I would recommend doing your research before choosing the right surgeon. Mr Topps was outstanding from start to finish. His honesty, knowledge and quality of work is next to nothing.

I would recommend taking lots of vitamins to ensure your body is fit and healthy enough to recover post-surgery, but my main piece of advice would be is to take it easy and your recovery will be bliss. 

I had cosmetic surgery to boost my confidence – there were so many clothes I wanted to wear but I didn’t think I could pull them off due to my figure at the time. I’m now one-month post-surgery and couldn’t be happier. I’ve got my new dresses ready for my birthday night out to celebrate my new look. 

There’s still lots of settling left to happen but I already can’t wait to see how my boobs develop over the next 11 months. Thank you, Pall Mall, for my amazing results! 

To find out more about breast enlargement surgery at Pall Mall visit our website.

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