The Effects of Smoking and Benefits of Lung Cancer Screening

Smoking and Lung Cancer

One of the biggest causes of lung cancer is smoking. Smoking is extremely harmful to the body, especially the lungs. There are many health risks associated with smoking and the inhalation of nicotine can have negative effects on the respiratory system. Let’s take a look at the effects that smoking can have on the lungs and the benefits of private lung screening.

What are the Effects of Smoking?

A healthy respiratory system is regularly cleansed but the inhalation of toxins into the body can damage the cells and this leads to a build-up of toxins in the lungs. There are so many toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke including tar, carbon monoxide and metals. When these chemicals are inhaled, the damage can be deadly.

The lungs contain tiny hairs that prevent toxins from residing there but tobacco smoke prevents this cleansing system from working. Smoking can also cause breathlessness due to the narrowing of the airways and cause the presence of excess mucus in the lung passages. Smoking also leaves you more vulnerable to lung infections and it causes wheezing and coughing as a result. Lastly, smoking also causes damage to the air sacs.

How Can Lung Cancer Screening Help?

A lung health screen gives an overall picture of your lung health via a series of tests and analysis. This risk assessment helps to identify the likelihood that you will develop lung cancer in the future and flags up any health problems regarding the lungs. The lung cancer screening test will reveal the level of risk including low, moderate and high. If the results are high, this does not mean that lung cancer is certain, it simply means you are at high risk of developing it.

How are the Results Gathered?

The screening test is based on a number of factors including the person’s age, smoking history, family history, environmental influences and gender. Patients will have a Lung function test and a unique blood test called an Early CDT which focuses on lung cancer screening and detection.

What are the Benefits of Lung Cancer Screening?

There are many benefits to having private lung cancer screening but most of all it is about peace of mind. If you are worried about the effects of smoking has had on your body or you are experiencing a persistent cough, pain when breathing or you are coughing up blood, these are all signs that point to lung cancer but they could be caused by something else.

If you are concerned that you might be at risk of developing the disease, a lung screening can put your mind at rest. Lung cancer often has no symptoms in the early stages and a private lung screening can flag up any issues before it is too late.

There are many ways to take steps to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer and stopping smoking should be the first on the list. It is also wise to avoid passive smoking also. If you think you could be at risk from this disease, find out more information about Pall Mall Medical’s private lung screening.

Peace of Mind for previous Pall Mall Medical patient: Yvonne Cannings, Insolvent Consultant

“I have recently undergone CT scans of my heart and lungs at Pall Mall Medical. As an ex smoker I was convinced I would have the heart and lungs of a ninety year old (I am fifty six) or some other horrific condition. Imagine my delight and relief when the results showed the two organs are extremely healthy. The procedure was quick, painless and comfortable. If, like me, you’ve been worrying about the harm smoking might have caused you, then I’d strongly recommend screening.”

Yvonne Cannings, Insolvent Consultant, March 2016

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