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Pall Mall - International Women's Day

Pall Mall celebrates International Women's Day by highlighting the inspiring women across the business. Having a predominantly female workforce (nearly 91% of the company!) find out who inspires them most.

Shikha Pitalia - Founder of Pall Mall

There have been many famous women who have influenced who I am. However, I firmly believe that every woman along my journey has played a role. To name just one I would say my late grandmother, Sushila Sinha. In an era of male dominance, she raised 5 daughters to be educated professionals who in turn instilled in their daughters the confidence that we could achieve whatever we set our minds to do.

Natalie Howarth - Hospital Manager

I'm Natalie Howarth; Hospital Manager at Pall Mall Medical. I'm coming into my 6th year with the company now. My number one, most inspiring woman, is my mum! She's not had an easy few years and took early retirement in 2019. Despite various hurdles, she is absolutely smashing her PhD in Anthrozoology and is due to complete it in a few months' time. She inspires me to keep growing, learning and challenging yourself, no matter how old you are (not that I'm saying she's old!). She will batter me if she reads this.

Cassie Cross - Patient Coordinator
I have chosen Spice Girls as my inspirational women as they are the British icons for feminism. Whilst revolutionising the global pop music scene, Spice Girls influenced diversity and promoted GIRL POWER.

Proving women can be strong, powerful and a little bit spicy! Forever a Wannabe Ginger Spice

Amba Entwistle -  Digital Marketing Assistant 

I have been at Pall Mall 1 year 1 month. On International Women's Day, I am honoured to celebrate the extraordinary spirit and resilience embodied by my beautiful niece, Cally. Cally is not only a source of joy and inspiration in our lives but a shining example of the strength and determination that women bring to the world.

Arielle Halter - Senior Social Media and Communications Manager 

This International Women’s Day I’m inspired by my colleagues in the Marketing Team. They are all creative, dedicated and talented, not to mention a joy to work with! Every day they put a smile on my face with their humour, kindness and generosity. As a team we’ve achieved some amazing things in the last year and I can’t wait to see them continue to flourish in their roles.

Sarah Daley - Content Marketing Manager

My mum is the most inspiring woman in my life. Despite facing numerous challenges in her life, her resilience has played a pivotal role in shaping me into the woman I am today. She instilled in me the courage to continuously explore new things, push beyond my comfort zone, and believe in my ability to accomplish anything I want through hard work and determination.

Sophie Simons - Head of Marketing

My ‘ALL WOMAN’ team inspire me every day and International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate them. I have managed lots of teams during my career in marketing and it’s clear to see that the women in my team at Pall Mall respect each other, lift each other up and celebrate each other daily. Their team spirit and collaboration has seen them achieve so much during their time here and they are a shining example of how truly amazing all women teams can be. I am so proud of them and they are a daily reminder of the importance of being kind, honest, hardworking and most of all supportive!

Nikki Gill - Purchase Ledger Clerk
In the world of Television/Radio my inspiration is Miranda Hart. Her writing and acting is pure comic genius and a reminder to do one thing everyday to make you laugh and never take life too seriously - wibble wobble, I am a teapot!
Jen Rooney - Clinic Manager
I know it’s a cliché to nominate my Mum but I will never know how she brought up 4 children and had 2 jobs to support us and I can just about look after myself. Thank you for everything you do.

Jessica Forde - Deputy Clinic Manager 

Kesha - She is inspirational as she fought through trauma and stood up for her own truth and still smiles and pushes to do what she loves. She is talented, strong and has an IQ OF 140. She has also been involved with LGBT+ activism as well as animal rights.

Krista Wood - Quality Assurance Manager / CQC Registered Manager

On International Women's Day, I celebrate and draw inspiration from the remarkable women of our Pall Mall team. Their unwavering dedication spans every facet of our business, and their infectious positivity and compassionate spirits illuminate not only their interactions with each other but, most significantly, with our patients and service users.
These women embody resilience, empathy, and professionalism, contributing profoundly to the success and ethos of our organisation. Today, we honour their achievements and the collective strength they bring to our shared journey.

Samantha Graham - Compliance Officer 

My inspiring woman is one of my best friends, her name is Paige.
She has gone through more in her 33 years of life than most do in a lifetime, that being loss and battling physical lifechanging illness. Despite all of this she is one of the most caring and positive, calm people I have ever met and she never ever lets anything get her down or in the way of what she wants.

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