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Cholera is a water-borne infection, common in the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia, which causes severe diarrhoea. The vaccine is taken as a drink and is recommended for people travelling to areas with widespread cholera or where a recent outbreak has been reported.

Adults and children aged over 6 years take two doses of oral vaccine with a 1-6 week interval between doses. Cholera vaccine is given as a drink in two separate doses. Food and drink must be avoided 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking the vaccination. The vaccine can be given at the same time as other injected vaccines.

Children aged 2-6 years need three doses of the vaccine with a 1-6 week interval between the doses. If more than 6 weeks elapse between doses then the whole course must be restarted.


For continuous protection - additional doses are recommended.  Adults and children aged over 6 can take a single booster dose up to two years after the original course. If more than two years has elapsed then the whole course must be repeated. Children aged 2-to-6 years can have a single dose booster after 6 months of the original course.


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Our Pricing

Service Price
Cholera oral vaccination £90 per dose*
(£65 for vaccination + £25 appointment fee to administer the vaccine)

* Patients who require multiple vaccinations within the same appointment are eligible for a £25 discount for each additional vaccine and are only required to pay the £25 appointment fee once. Please check in advance that the combination of vaccines required is clinically recommended and appropriate. 

** A £25 deposit is required per patient at the time of booking.

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