Get To Know Our Specialist Psychologist Practitioner

At Pall Mall, we understand that considering an appointment with a psychologist practitioner comes with dozens of questions, from how you’ll connect with your practitioner to how soon you can be seen.  However, a fundamental question you should be asking yourself is…”have I chosen the best consultant?” It is important that you research thoroughly and find a consultant that suits you and your desired outcome.

We sat down with our expert psychologist practitioner Dr. Ria who specialises in therapy for a wide spectrum of common mental health problems at all three of our Pall Mall locations to find out more about his role.

Full name: Dr. Matteo Ria

Job title and qualifications: Consultant Psychologist

How long you have practiced medicine: Since 2013

How long you have worked with Pall Mall Medical or Pall Mall Cosmetics: Since 2018

Please describe your job role at Pall Mall: Consultant Psychologist

Tell us which procedures you do at Pall Mall: Assessment and therapy

Do you have any areas of expertise? General mental health,sexuology, sexual health wellbeing, misuse of alcohol and drugs, emotional and behavioral difficulties, post-natal depression, chronic fatigue, diabetes, asthma and coping with other complex chronic health conditions.

What drew you to this field of medicine? Personal and professional interest as well as the desire to become an expert and help support others to cope to their best of capacities.

What part of your role do you enjoy most/find most interesting and why? Assessing my patients’ needs and prioritising/tailoring care plans, to ensure optimal outcomes for them.

Do you have any procedures or patient stories that strike you as especially interesting? I’ve seen so many patients with a variety of different needs. Each patient is different, and their stories all unique. There isn’t a particular patient story that comes to mind. The most rewarding part of my job is when I achieve great outcomes within challenging historical behaviors- therefore being able to better their lives.


Dr. Ria is available for consultations across all three of our Pall Mall clinics and hospitals. For more information and to book a consultation click here.

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