Cancellation Policy 

Want to Cancel or Rearrange your Appointment?

We are happy to cancel and provide a full refund or re-schedule any appointments to a more convenient date.

To cancel or request an appointment is rearranged, please either email us at or call us on 0330 058 44 55.

If there is something we have specifically done that has made you wish to cancel this appointment without rearranging, we should be grateful if you could please let us know the reason such that we can address this in future.

Less than 48 (working) Hours Notice

If you are unable to provide at least 48 (working) hours notice from the start of your appointment that you wish to cancel or re-arrange your appointment, there may be charges associated.

For cancellations within 48 (working) hours, your pre-payment or deposit will not be refundable, as we’ll be unable to re-use this time to support other patients.

For re-scheduling appointments within 48 (working) hours, there will be a 50% re-scheduling fee due. I.e.:

  • 50% of your pre-payment or deposit will be allocated as a re-scheduling fee, as we’ll be unable to re-use the initial appointment time to support other patients
  • The other 50% of your pre-payment or deposit will be allocated to the re-scheduled appointment
  • The outstanding balance will be due at the time of booking the re-scheduled appointment

Running Late for your Appointment?

We understand that it is not possible to predict traffic, train timetables or even when your last meeting finishes.

If you are aware that you may be late for your appointment, please do contact us at your earliest opportunity ( or 0330 058 44 55), such that we can make every effort to accommodate you.

It is with regret, that we cannot guarantee your appointment slot if you do not arrive on time. We will try our hardest to fit you into the schedule, but this may not always be possible.

If we are unable to fulfil your appointment because you have not arrived on time, it may not always be possible to receive a full refund for your pre-payment or deposit.

Missed your Appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please do let us know.

Should you miss your appointment without letting us know 48 hours in advance, we may not be able to provide a full refund for your pre-payment or deposit.


Pall Mall Medical strives to deliver excellent service to all our patients and will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

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