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Telephone and video appointments available with expert Consultants no matter where you live in the UK.

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Our private consultants are available to all members of the public, on a self-paying basis or by using private medical insurance. You can book an appointment as often as you need, either for a one-off concern or for ongoing health issues.

Pall Mall Medical have consultants who specialise in over 36 areas including; private gynaecologists, private dermatologists, private ENT consultants, private paediatricians and many more. Our experts are very easy to access - you can book a self-referral appointment or use a referral letter from the NHS or your GP.

Telephone & video consultations now available

As our clinics are temporarily closed due to the current Coronavirus situation, you can now book a telephone or video consultation with a private consultant to discuss your health concerns or treatment requirements.  A telephone or video call is a perfect solution if you need to speak to a specialist during the COVID-19 lockdown as you can be consulted from the comfort of your own home and can avoid any direct contact or travelling to a clinic.

How do I book a telephone or video consultation?

Simply call our booking team on 03300 58 44 55 or complete an enquiry form opposite and ask for a telephone or video consultation. Each 30-minute telephone or video call costs from £150 (a saving of 33%).

Which consultants are available for calls/videos?

We have private consultants available for issues relating to Cardiology, Dermatology, Gynaecology and Psychology. We plan to have more specialists available shortly. Please call or enquire if you wish to hear our available dates and times.

Appointments in-clinic

If you are suffering from symptoms or have serious concerns about your health then you’ll want to see a specialist as soon as possible. We don't have any waiting lists and offer flexible appointment times and extended opening hours including weekend appointments and evening appointments after school/work hours.

With access to one of the largest range of consultants and specialists in North West England, Pall Mall Medical has private medical expertise for you.

Our clinics are in convenient locations in Manchester city centre, Liverpool city centre and at our own private hospital in Newton-le-Willows.

Accurate diagnosis of common medical problems

Seeing a private consultant is different from seeing a regular doctor; they are specialists in specific areas of medicine and are highly experienced. They can accurately diagnose problems and suggest the right course of treatment.

We offer a full range of blood testing, and if you require further scans, for example, a CT scan, X-ray, ultrasound or private MRI scan, our consultants have immediate access to refer you to our private diagnostic centre, saving you the bother of arranging a scan yourself.

If any surgery is required, for medical or cosmetic reasons, we have the facilities for that too. This covers a range of common procedures such as a mole removals, vasectomy, endoscopy or colonoscopy.

At Pall Mall Medical, we look after you from the initial consultation, right through to diagnostics and treatment.

What specialist departments are available?


Our clinic facilities in Liverpool, Manchester and Newton-Le-Willows are wheelchair friendly, with full disabled access; provide FREE wifi and access to hot/cold drinks.

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