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Audiology Consultations at Pall Mall Medical

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What can an audiologist help with?

At Pall Mall Medical, we have a team of audiologists who are highly experienced in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hearing and balance disorders. This means that we are able to treat both adults and children for a range of problems relating to the ear. Common reasons to see a specialist include:

Getting your hearing tested

Hearing tests are recommended as part of developmental checks for children or you may want to book a test for yourself if you are experiencing hearing problems or loss.

Needing ear wax removal

Ear wax can build up and block the ear, causing problems with hearing or with hearing aid devices. An audiologist can administer ear drops or irrigate the ear to release the wax.

Dealing with dizziness

Parts of the inner ear are responsible for helping us maintain our balance. Issues with these parts of the ear can cause a number of problems which present in dizziness including vertigo. Infections or injuries to the ear can also result in balance problems.

Treatment of tinnitus

Tinnitus causes the sensation of ‘ringing’ or ‘buzzing’ in the ears and in severe cases it can lead to problems with sleep or concentration. An audiologist will take you through a number of tests to diagnose what’s causing your tinnitus and create a treatment plan for you to deal with the condition.

Getting an investigative otoscopy

During an otoscopy, an audiologist will look at the inside of your ear to diagnose the health of the components of your ear, including your ear drum and ear canal and to look for any blockages or abnormalities.

Preventing hearing loss

If you’re concerned about potential hearing loss, for example if you are exposed to consistent loud noises in your work, then you can discuss your concerns with an audiologist. A hearing expert will be able to recommend changes you can make to protect your hearing, this is particularly important as we age and hearing loss can become more common.

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