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Our paediatric consultants deal with a range of issues which affect babies and children.

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Private Paediatrics

Paediatric Consultants deal with a huge range of issues which affect babies and children including common problems such as asthma, developmental and behavioural problems such as ADHD and continence and enuresis (bed-wetting).

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child receives the best care at all times. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health or development or would simply like peace of mind, you can book an appointment to see one of our Paediatric Consultants at any of our Pall Mall Medical clinics in Manchester, Liverpool or Newton-le-Willows. Your child will be seen promptly, at a time convenient for you, in a comfortable and relaxed environment with plenty of time to discuss your concerns as a parent.

Our Paediatric Consultants can provide expert medical advice on all aspects of your child's health, development and general well-being. They have a wealth of experience in managing common child health problems such as asthma, urine infections, constipation, bed-wetting, headaches and tummy aches, food intolerance/allergies, growth problems, fits and many others. This also includes less common conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, autism and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).

Services range from a consultation that can be used for a general check-up (health ‘MOT’):

  • Allergy
  • Asthma / Chest infection
  • Constipation / Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness / Headaches
  • Growth issues
  • Sickness / Vomiting

We can also offer a development assessment where an in-depth review can help with worries over more complex issues:

  • Behaviour difficulties
  • Concerns about autism or autistic spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • Development delay

Pall Mall Medical's Consultant Paediatricians also have access to private testing and other specialists when required, such as speech therapists, dietitians and psychologists - allowing a team approach to your child's problem coordinated by the Paediatric Consultant.


  • Address developmental issues
  • Diagnose ongoing health problems
  • Friendly Pediatric Doctors
  • No referral needed
  • At your convenience
  • Available at multiple locations
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Paediatric Services at Pall Mall Medical

Our Pricing

Service Price
Paediatric Consultation
(30-45 minutes)
Development Assessment
(90 minutes)

Meet the consultants

Dr Kalpesh Dixit

Dr Kalpesh Dixit

View profile

Consultant Paediatrician
Manchester & Newton-Le-Willows

Dr Omendra (Omi) Narayan

Dr Omendra Narayan

View profile

Consultant Paediatrician
Liverpool, Manchester & Newton-Le-Willows

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