Cosmetic Surgery - Patient Journey

If you are considering cosmetic surgery – whether it’s a “boob job”, “tummy tuck”, “nose job”, the first thing to do is book a consultation. Consultations at Pall Mall Medical are free of charge and take place with the surgeon who will perform the surgery if you decide to go ahead. Your consultation can be done at any of our clinics located in Liverpool city centre, Manchester city centre and at Newton-Le-Willows (St.Helens).

Consultation with Consultant Plastic or Breast Surgeon

We work with 3 main surgeons, so we encourage you to do your research before selecting who to choose – look at their reviews, qualifications, skill set and experience of performing the type of surgery you want.

Initial consultations typically last approx 40 minutes. The surgeon will give you the chance to explain what you are looking for and why you are considering the surgery. You should provide as much detail as possible so that the surgeon can gain a full picture of your expectations and hence will be better placed to advise you on what outcomes can be achieved for you.

The surgeon will talk about implants, scarring, the procedure itself and answer any other questions you might have. You may consider bringing some photos of breasts you like such that your surgeon can understand the look you are hoping for.

One of our Cosmetic Patient Coordinators will also be at the clinic during your consultation. They’ll greet you on arrival, introduce you to the surgeon and look after you whilst you are in the clinic.

Some women choose to bring a friend, relative or partner to the consultation with them. Our surgeons are happy to let the person you bring join the consultation with you. Otherwise, chaperones are available at Pall Mall Medical if you wish.

After the consultation

After your initial consultation, you’ll be given some written information for you to read – your “homework”!  It is a big decision for you so please do take the time to read, digest and ask any further questions.

Once you have finished your consultation, one of our Cosmetic Patient Coordinators will discuss the next steps with you, provide a full quote, give you indicative surgery dates and answer any other questions you may have. Often women opt for a second consultation after they’ve taken the opportunity to digest all the information given to them, and you are welcome to request this.

Our Cosmetic Patient Coordinators are a phone call or email away to answer any questions at all, even once you have left the clinic. We’d be delighted to give you a tour of the hospital too if you would like! We have a specialist surgical hospital in Newton-Le-Willows that is CQC-certified with our own state of the art theatres and a ward of en-suite rooms to provide comfort during your stay.

If you decide to proceed with cosmetic surgery, you will be required to pay a £500 deposit to secure your theatre slot. This is when the excitement begins!  We do also have excellent finance options with AffordIt Now available should you wish to spread the cost of your deposit and procedure if accepted for finance.

Pre-Op assessment

A pre-op assessment will be arranged for you at one of our clinic locations. During this appointment, our Nurse will ask you a series of questions about your medical history, current medications you are taking, any allergies you have, etc. It is important that you are open and transparent about any health issues. The answers you give will be recorded and sent to our surgeon and anaesthetist who will then review this. The nurse will advise you if there is any further information we need from you before your procedure.

Our patient journey is uniquely designed to ensure the very best results in a safe and clean environment. To achieve this, we will also take some MRSA swabs. Pall Mall Medical is proud to have a 0% MRSA infection rate since opening our hospital.

The surgical procedure itself

Our Theatre Bookings team will contact you before the procedure to advise you of your admission time and provide you with any specific information about your time at the hospital with us. We’ll also give you a menu so you can choose what food you would like after your procedure.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our Ward Nurses who will take you up to your en-suite room. They’ll help you get ready for your surgery and will do a few final checks with you. The surgeon and/or anaesthetist will come to your room to see how you’re doing and answer any last minute questions you may have.

Once your theatre slot arrives, one of our nursing team will come down to bring you up to the theatre. Many patients bring their own slippers for added comfort when walking through the hospital!

You’ll be taken into the Anaesthesia room, where our Anaesthetist & Anaesthetic Nurse (or ODP) will help you relax before you go under anaesthesia. You should feel perfectly comfortable during this process – our anaesthetists are highly experienced and will talk you through the whole process!

Once the anaesthesia takes effect, you will be taken into the theatre where the surgeon will perform the operation. You will be under anaesthesia for between 45-90 minutes. There will be a full team in theatre to monitor you and assist the surgeon.

After the operation is complete, you’ll be taken into recovery where the anaesthetist and recovery nurse will ensure you are nice and stable once you have woken up. You may feel slightly light-headed, but this is normal and to be expected. Once the nurse and anaesthetist are happy with your recovery, you’ll be taken back to the ward where you will complete your recovery in an en-suite room.

The ward nurses will check on you regularly to make sure you are feeling ok and the pain is minimal. You’ll be given some food and water as well.

Most breast augmentations are done as day case so you’ll be able to leave the hospital 2-4 hours after your procedure has finished. If the surgeon does recommend you stay overnight, you’ll be in the comfort of your own private en-suite room and can leave the next day after breakfast!

When you’re ready to go, you’ll be given your aftercare instructions that may contain post-op instruction leaflets and an emergency phone number should you need to contact us: 24/7.

You cannot drive home after the surgery, so it’s crucial you arrange for someone to take you to and from our hospital. There is free parking on-site and plenty of space for them to wait for you during your procedure and recovery. Alternately, if they are more adventurous, there are plenty of restaurants & cafes within a short drive, as well as the Gemini Retail Park (Warrington), which includes shops such as Ikea, Next, Marks & Spencers and more. The reception team can provide you with more information.

After the procedure

Once you’re at home, you should rest, rest and rest. The surgeon and nurse will advise you when you can bathe, return to work, go to the gym, fly, etc. If you have specific questions – please do ask!

You’ll be contacted by one of our nurses to check up on you and to arrange a post-op appointment. The surgeon will also see you again post-op and can provide you with any further information you may need.

Click here for full information on Cosmetic Surgery Aftercare at Pall Mall Medical.


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