Rhinoplasty Surgery
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Tim Morgan, Pall Mall Patient & Employee

Rhinoplasty Surgery
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What is rhinoplasty/nose surgery?

Commonly referred to as a ‘nose job’ a rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and can reshape, restructure and redefine the nose as well as address any unsightly ridges or bumps.

If you're unhappy with the size or shape of your nose it can hold you back from enjoying certain aspects of life. Lots of men come to us for this procedure because they're feeling self conscious about their nose and find it's having a negative impact on their daily lives.

Our expert facial and ENT consultants will talk you through whichever aspects of your nose you are concerned about, whether that's the tip, bridge, alar base or dorsal hump and discuss what can be achieved.

We’re experts in all types of nose reshaping including Caucasian and ethnic nose reshaping and offer free surgeon consultations in Liverpool, Manchester and Newton Le Willows. Our team of patient co-ordinators, nurses and surgeons have supported thousands of men who have had this procedure, so you can rest assured that you're in safe hands.

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What results can I expect from rhinoplasty?

There are a variety of rhinoplasty procedures, including reduction rhinoplasty that makes the nose smaller, septorhinoplasty alters the external appearance and the internal septum, and rhinotip alters the tip of the nose and nostrils. You can discuss what you're trying to achieve with your surgeon who will recommend the best option for you.


“I would 100% recommend Pall Mall!”

I'd always been unhappy with the shape of my nose so decided to see a surgeon at Pall Mall and I'm so glad I did. The result of my nose surgery is amazing and I'm so much more confident! 
- Tim M   ★★★★★

How much does rhinoplasty / nose surgery cost?

Surgeon Consultation Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery
FREE From £4,995
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  • Flexible terms from 6 - 48 months

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What happens during

From your first call or email, we’re here to support you. Whether you're still researching about rhinoplasty surgery and would like more information, or you're ready to meet a surgeon to see what results you can achieve, our team of patient co-ordinators are here to help. 


Your surgeon will examine your nose and hold a discussion about the purpose of the operation, as the approach and surgery undertaken will depend on whether the purpose is medical or cosmetic.

Moreover, there are different types of rhinoplasty that can be performed with changes to; the ridge, the tip, the width, the bridge, the length or the septum.

The meeting will last 20-45 minutes and the surgeon will be at your beck and call to answer any questions you may have or allay any fears that might be causing anxiety. The surgeon will also discuss how the operation works, the aftercare involved and what results can be expected.


We will invite you to attend a pre-operative assessment your nurse will invite you to take part in a series of medical checks to ensure you are healthy and are fit enough for the surgery.

All patients will be tested for MRSA and there may also be some blood and urine test administered, however, you needn't worry, we just want to make sure you are getting the best possible service from Pall Mall.

The most important part of this pre-Rhinoplatsy assessment is taking photos of your nose so that we have the medical records of how it looked prior to the surgery.

In this way, we will be able to successfully show you your transformation as well as keep track for medical purposes. The nurse is there to help you during the appointment so ask questions, express concerns so that you can feel confident about your procedure.


Upon your arrival at our state-of-the-art private hospital, you will be shown to your spacious and comfortable en-suite room. Your surgeon will then come to see you and make sure you're in good health for the surgery before asking for your consent for a final time.

The team will then take into the theatre for the operation, that will be around 1.5 to 3 hours during which time you will be sedated with a general anaesthetic.


We offer a range of post-surgery cover for our patients and we assure anyone that they are more than welcome to visit our clinics as often as possible to make sure they are happy with their outcome.

From a personal perspective, you should look to stay away from social areas for around 2 weeks after the surgery to avoid catching a cold, whilst strenuous activity needs to be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

Our team also recommends resting in an upright position for at least a few days after the op.


We like to get our patients back in after the surgery 3 times over the next 6 weeks, so don't stress if you're worried about post-surgery life. In addition, our nurses will check on your progress as you may experience bruising, swelling or numbness.

Five reasons to choose Pall Mall

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    We’re one of the few cosmetic surgery providers owned and led by doctors.

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    Your initial consultation will always be with one of our surgeons.

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    You’ll have your surgery at our state-of-the-art private hospital and you'll recover in a private room with en-suite facilities.

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    We’re rated 4.95 / 5 by our patients on reviews.co.uk.

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    We offer 0% finance over 24 months on all cosmetic surgery procedures.

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