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Diagnostic Biopsy

Diagnostic Biopsy

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What it is a diagnostic biopsy?

A biopsy is a sample of a small amount of tissue or cells that will be examined in a laboratory.


What is a diagnostic biopsy used for?

A biopsy is used to obtain bits of tissue to be checked in the laboratory for signs of cancer or other diseases. The biopsy sample is stained and examined under a microscope in the lab. It may also be used to identify possible cancer or causes of inflammation and infection.

The area to be biopsied is thoroughly cleaned and numbed with a local anesthetic. A sterile scalpel is used to cut away a small piece of tissue, and then the wound is stitched (sutured) closed.


Who performs the Biopsy?

Our Dermatologists are fully-trained in adult and paediatric dermatology, which enables them to identify, offer advice on, and treat a wide range of skin ailments. 

Biopsy Prices




Diagnostic Biopsy

(includes histopathology)

1 sample of tissue £365
2 samples of tissue £550
3 samples of tissue £650

4 samples of tissue

5 samples of tissue £850