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Mole Removal & Assessments

Private Mole Removal & Assessments

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Why would you have a mole removed?

Moles are usually asymmetrical, range from tan to dark brown in colour and are usually smaller than 6mm. Most moles are harmless but any changes to their colour, size or shape could indicate an increased risk of a melanoma or basal cell carcinoma (types of skin cancer).

Moles are extremely common skin growths which can appear anywhere on the body. Checking moles frequently means that your skin specialist will be more likely to spot any changes in a mole. Pall Mall Medical offers innovative scanning technology to investigate moles quickly and painlessly.

Malignant melanoma is one of the fastest growing types of cancer which is why it’s so important to get moles checked regularly.


How does the mole assessment work?

Pall Mall Medical offers a comprehensive check, including a full visual examination to ensure all moles are checked and dermoscopy (magnified analysis) to look deeper.

The private mole removal can be performed during the same assessment, and removed moles are sent to the laboratory for histopathology analysis by a pathologist should the consultant dermatologist feel it necessary .

Our experts will usually provide you with initial results from any tests on the same day as your appointment. You will also be sent a copy of your full results – including any images taken – within a week.


Read our blog post on Moles - What is and isn't normal?  Including the ABCDE checklist for mole health.  


Mole assessment and removal prices



Mole Assessment


Mole Removal (one mole) + Histopathology


Mole Removal (two moles) + Histopathology


Mole Removal (additional moles after second) + Histopathology Additional £100 per mole