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Rosacea Treatment

Skin Rosacea Treatment & Management

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Some people who suffer from this condition feel great distress at the appearance of their skin – and that can lead to issues with confidence and low self-esteem.


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a rash which can cause redness, spots, peeling and swelling of the face. The condition is sometimes misdiagnosed because it has similar symptoms to acne – or it can be mistaken for an allergic reaction. It is important to get a full diagnosis from an experienced dermatologist,  especially as many creams prescribed for acne and eczema can actually make rosacea worse.


What causes Rosacea?

There is no known single cause of rosacea but it is thought that inflammation of blood vessels in the face can be a factor, as can hereditary or environmental issues.

Also, people with rosacea often have more of a certain type of mite on them than people not affected.

Certain foods, drinks, and conditions are known to cause rosacea to flare up, including:

•       Alcohol

•       Exposure to heat (from weather, saunas, and baths)

•       Exposure to the sun

•       Intense exercise

•       Spicy food

•       Stress


What are the symptoms of rosacea?

One of the most recognisable symptoms is red, flushed skin that’s dry to the point of peeling. If left untreated, symptoms can worsen and cause facial blood vessels to become dilated and the skin to become even redder.

Red bumps on the skin – sometimes containing pus – can develop, and that is why rosacea can sometimes be mistaken for acne. 

In the more extreme cases, the condition can also cause areas of skin, particularly on the nose, to thicken and swell. 


How can it be treated?

Our consultants will assess your skin and recommend the best treatment for you. They will also give you general skin care advice and tips.

Treatments include:

•       Topical antiseptics

•       Topical antibiotics

•       Antibiotics (usually 4 month courses)

•       Specialist Branded Medication (for severe resistant cases)

•       Mandelic acid peels


If you have severe redness which may require laser or photodynamic therapy, our Consultant Dermatologists will advise on where this can be undertaken.


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