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Hay Fever Treatment

Hay Fever Treatment

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Fed up of runny noses, sneezing, tearful eyes and itching? You don't need to suffer in silence anymore, as our hay fever injection may be suitable for you and could provide the relief you need when hay fever symptoms disrupt your day.


Hay fever treatment that could provide season-long relief

Hay fever generally affects people during the summer months, however, reactions and similar symptoms could occur throughout the year for other allergy related problems. Our doctors can also suggest this course of treatment for other allergy problems.

We also offer allergy testing to find the root cause of any problems, allowing you to avoid contact with certain items in the future, or find alternatives that won't cause reactions.

For skin conditions related to allergies, we offer appointments with our private consultant dermatologist to suggest treatments and causes of reactions.


How does the treatment work?

This simple treatment for hay fever involves just one injection which can protect you against the effects of hay fever for an entire season. At a GP consultation, you can discuss your symptoms and they will recommend the best course of treatment for your particular reactions, also taking into account your medical history.

Contact us today and speak to one of our GPs about how you could benefit if you suffer from hay fever or allergic reactions to pollen and other particles.


What if the Kenalog injection is not suitable for me?

There are times when the Kenalog injection is not suitable for a particular person. We require all patients to have a consultation with a GP first in order to assess suitability. If Kenalog is not suitable, the doctor will recommend an alternative option for your hay fever and create a treatment plan based on this.


Hay fever injection prices



Hayfever injection

(GP appointment required at additional £70)




* Please note, that it is at the doctor's discretion whether or not the Kenalog injection is suitable and if it is appropriate to administer the injection. Should the Doctor feel that the Kenalog injection is not suitable, you will need to pay £70 for the assessment/consultation. You will not have to pay for the injection itself.