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Hay Fever Treatment & Injections

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Are you fed up of runny noses, sneezing, tearful eyes and itching? You don't need to suffer in silence anymore - we offer a private Hay Fever Injection that is no longer available on the NHS.  The hay fever injection treatment may be a suitable option for you and could provide relief throughout the entire pollen season.


What is the Hay Fever Injection?

The hay fever injection contains Triamcinolone Acetonide, a known corticosteroid medicine given by deep intramuscular injection typically into the large muscles of the buttock. It is prescribed by medical professionals for many different conditions, including the suppression of inflammatory and allergic disorders such as seasonal allergies (commonly called Hay Fever) and allergic rhinitis.

Hay fever generally affects people during the spring and summer months when pollen levels are highest, however, allergic reactions and similar symptoms could also occur throughout the year for other allergy related problems. This can be discussed with our doctors who will suggest the most appropriate course of treatment for seasonal allergy problems you may be suffering from.


Do you have severe hay fever symptoms?

If you are getting limited relief from over-the-counter remedies including anti-histamine tablets, eye drops and nose sprays then you could be having severe hay fever symptoms. When traditional over-the-counter remedies from the pharmacy or supermarket are not working, and often you will have tried medication from your GP that is not improving your symptoms, an injection may be a suitable solution.

See how it worked for Tim - our patient who tells us about his experience:


How many treatments are needed?

This simple treatment for hay fever involves just one injection. If suitable, a single 40mg Injection can provide season long relief. Gain back your lifestyle with enhanced protection from the physical symptoms of hay fever that disrupt your work and daily life. 

Please remember:

  • It is NOT 100% effective and you can still expect some milder symptoms
  • It is NOT a replacement for standard hay fever remedies, take these too!
  • Some patients may require a second dose to achieve better protection


How quickly does the hay fever injection work?

Patients can get some relief within 24 hours, with most patients finding they get symptomatic relief within 72 hours. If your symptoms have flared up, or severe at the time of your appointment, it may take much longer to get the maximum effect of the injection. As a preventative measure, it can also be taken prior to your symptoms occuring. Many patients who suffer every year opt for an injection prior to their symptoms even ocurring. It is best to have the injection 1 month before you usually feel at your worst.


Watch Tim receiving his injection in clinic:

Spring  & Summer 2018 Update:

This year we have seen pollen levels at their highest in qw years. This is down to a very warm period of weather following a cold and snow filled winter. With many trees, plants and flowers alll pollinating at the same time, the effects of hay fever  are now at there strongest.

Please note that whilst a Hay Fever Injection is a prescription medication to help minimise your symptoms, it is NOT a cure. Some patients will take longer to respond to its effects given the higher pollen count, and some patients with particularly severe symptoms, may benefit from a second dose. The injection is not a replacement for traditional remedies and other medications, all patients should continue to take their daily remedies too, including your anti-histomine tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays.

Any patients who feel a second dose is required, will be asked to wait a minimum of 6 weeks following their initial dose. All doses are charged at the same price.


How is it available?

Hay Fever Injections are administered by a GP or Nurse during an appointment at one of our CQC-certified clinics in Liverpool and Manchester. At your appointment, you will have a short GP consultation to discuss your symptoms and be asked to complete an assessment of consent, also taking into account your medical history. If you are medically safe to receive the injection, it will be done during the same appointment. This takes no longer than 15-30 minutes total in clinic.

Following your appointment and injection, you will be safe to drive, and return to your normal daily routine.


Hay fever injection price



Hay Fever Injection


Speical price: £95 (normal price = £125)


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For further information about our private Hay Fever Injections or to book an appointment, please contact our customer service team on 0330 058 44 55, complete our enquiry form or email us on 

Our CQC-certified clinics are based in Liverpool City Centre and Manchester City Centre are all wheelchair friendly; provide FREE Wi-Fi and access to hot/cold drinks.


What if the Hay Fever Injection is not suitable for me?

There are times when the Hay Fever Injection is not suitable for a particular person. We require all patients to have a consultation with a GP first in order to assess suitability. If a Hay Fever Injection is not suitable, the doctor will recommend an alternative option for your hay fever and create a treatment plan or prescription based on this.

Please note, that it is at the doctor's discretion whether or not the injection is suitable and if it is appropriate to administer the injection at your appointment. Should the Doctor feel that the injection is not suitable, you will need to pay £70 for the assessment/consultation and any additional costs should a prescription be offered as an alternative. You will not have to pay for the injection itself.


What other Hay Fever treatments can we provide?

We also offer allergy testing to find the root cause of any allergic problems, allowing you to avoid contact with certain items in the future, or find alternatives that won't cause reactions.

For skin conditions related to allergies, we offer appointments with our private consultant dermatologist to suggest treatments and causes of reactions. A referral from your NHS GP is not required.

Some patients who receive the Hay Fever Injection may require a second dose in accordance with their own immune response and severity of symptoms. Please contact the clinic to discuss your follow up treatment.