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Are you fed up of runny noses, sneezing, tearful eyes and itching? You no longer need to suffer or get stuck indoors anymore.

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Hay Fever Treatment & Injections

Are you looking to end your hay fever misery? If you are not getting relief from over-the-counter remedies including anti-histamine tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays, the Hay Fever Injection may be a suitable option.

Nearly 1 in 4 people in the UK are affected by hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis). When traditional remedies from the pharmacy or supermarket are not working, and often you will have tried medication from your GP that is neither improving your symptoms, why not try the next level of treatment?

At Pall Mall, you can get a private hay fever injection - a treatment that is not available on the NHS.  The hay fever injection is a prescription-strength medication and a single dose could provide relief throughout the entire pollen season. Get back outdoors and enjoying the  Spring and Summer months.



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Why Choose us?

  • This treatment is no longer available on the NHS
  • Relief usually within 72 hours
  • More effective and long-lasting than over-the-counter options
  • Just 1x short visit to clinic needed
  • No downtime - go straight back to work!
  • Available at multiple locations

Our Pricing

Service Price
Hay Fever Injection £95
GP Appointment & Prescription £95

*Consultation charge of £25 is still required if the GP decides the injection is not suitable.

Our CQC-certified clinics are based in Liverpool City Centre and Manchester City Centre, are wheelchair friendly, provide FREE WiFi and access to hot/cold drinks for your comfort.


Please note the hay fever injection is a prescription medication and is at the doctor's discretion whether or not the injection is suitable and appropriate to administer at your appointment.

Whilst a hay fever injection can help minimise your symptoms, it is NOT a cure. Some patients may take longer to respond, and some patients with particularly severe symptoms may benefit from a second dose.

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