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What is a private medical?

Although medical assessments are available on the NHS, a regular GP appointment is rarely enough time to discuss your concerns related to specific job roles or situations and in many cases, you will need to pay to receive a medical report for a job role. A referral on the NHS for further tests can also take many weeks to come through and often with medicals, a quick turnaround is vital to appease employers.

The doctors at Pall Mall Medical offer private examinations, which include a full consultation and report, with same-day appointments usually available. If further tests are required such as blood tests, vaccinations, scans or X-Rays, these can usually be completed in a single appointment, giving you the information you need in as short as time as possible.

If you would like to discuss a specific medical form you need completing, whether you are independent and need a VISA medical form completing or you are a candidate seeking a medical screening for sport or employment, please contact us at Pall Mall Medical for a personal quotation.

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Boxing medicals

Boxing medicals are available for amateur or professional boxers. During a consultation, we can provide you with an assessment which will determine whether or not your health will allow you to partake in boxing and the potential risks to your health if you do.

Boxing Medical Price
Boxing Medical - Option 1 £300
Includes MRI/MRA scan only
Boxing Medical - Option 2 £400
Includes MRI/MRA scan only (fast track)
Boxing Medical - Option 3 £500
Includes MRI/MRA scan, examination, blood tests and eye exam
Boxing Medical - Option 4 £550
Includes MRI/MRA scan, examination, blood tests, eye exam and vaccination

Taxi driver medicals

As a taxi driver, you have an incredibly responsible job which involves safely transporting the public, so it is therefore, vital that you’re physically fit for the role.

At Pall Mall Medical, you can have a taxi medical if you’re applying for a first taxi licence, or looking to renew your existing licence. In both cases, you will receive your health report the same day as your medical.

A taxi medical can involve a number of different tests at an affordable and competitive rate. You can call us to discuss prices and services before committing to an appointment.

Although the majority of councils allow taxi drivers in their area to go to any registered doctor, make sure you check with your licencing department before you come to Pall Mall Medical.

What do I need to bring to my driver medical appointment?

You will need to bring a copy of any forms provided by your local council for your taxi medical with you as well as photographic identification (i.e. photo driving licence or passport).

To register will Pall Mall Medical for any of the above tests, we need a brief summary of your medical history from your NHS GP, which should include any major injuries and/or illnesses and any medication you are taking.

HGV, LGV & PSV driver medicals

Lorry drivers put immense pressure on their bodies by sitting for extended periods of time, often under stressful circumstances with heavy traffic and deadlines to meet. Common checks for lorry drivers include eyesight issues, diabetes tests, psychiatric conditions, neurological conditions, spinal problems and sleep disorders.

At Pall Mall Medical, our experts can perform a complete range of medical tests whether you want to become a bus driver or lorry driver.

The medicals we offer include:

  • HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) driver medical
  • PSV (Public Services Vehicle - Bus/Coach) driver medical
  • LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) driver medical

You will receive your medical report on the same day as your assessment so you can receive a full report about your health in the quickest time possible. The medical will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and includes an analysis of your medical history and a physical examination.

What do I need to bring to my driver medical appointment?

You will need to bring a D4 medical form with you to your appointment which can be downloaded from the DVLA website as well as photographic identification such as a photo driving licence or passport.

How much does a private medical cost?

Medical Price
Visa Medicals £100
(plus costs of any required tests)
Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) / Long Goods Vehicle (LGV) Licence £125
Taxi Driver Medical £125
Fork Lift Truck Licence Medical (FLT) £125
Passenger Service Vehicle Medical (PSV) £125

Private medical finance

We work with all the major private medical insurance providers. This means you may be able to cover the cost of this service by using your medical insurance policy.  You should always contact your insurer before booking an appointment. Your insurer will check that your policy covers this service at Pall Mall Medical and they can pre-authorise your treatment. You'll need to provide us with your insurer details and pre-authorisation code when you get in touch.


Excellent from start to finish. All staff were friendly and professional. My doctor was particularly helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a quick and effective service!

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Why Choose Pall Mall?

  • We’re a family-run private healthcare provider focussed on delivering healthcare services that meet patients’ needs and help them to thrive and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

  • We’re proud to work with some of the most experienced surgeons, doctors and consultants. With our team beside you, you can be confident that you'll receive the best possible care.

  • We offer a range of medical finance options on over 70 services. This means you can spread the costs over months and even years if you need to.

  • We have three clinics located in the heart of the North West – Liverpool and Manchester city centre and Newton-le-Willows. Our private hospital is located at our Newton-Le-Willows site.

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