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Sick Notes

Sick Notes

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At Pall Mall Medical we are able to provide private sick notes to cover work absences and college or university absences.

Depending upon the level of your sickness, a standard 30-minute appointment  is recommended to get to the cause of your illness and suggest treatment to help resolve it.

Alternatively, our "express" appointments are available for a shorter doctor consultation, who may recommend that you be signed off from work while you recover.

As a private healthcare service, we provide the same services as the NHS but with quicker turnaround times, and more availability.

If you are unable to attend work or attend college/university we are able to provide private certificates or private sick notes to cover absences as well as diagnosis and treat minor illnesses. We can provide a sick note or letter with specific details depending on your organisation's requirements.

We also offer investigations relating to occupational health, should further investigations be required, one of our occupational health physicians can provide an independent medical opinion for any employees.


Private sick note prices



Private sick note / letter *

(excludes appointment, from £70)




* including external referral letters