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Private Sick Note (Med 3 Form)

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As part of our Private GP service, we are fully able to provide patients with a convenient appointment to obtain a private sick note - commonly referred to as a Med 3 Form, a Statement of Fitness for Work.

Depending upon the level of your sickness, a Standard 30-minute appointment is recommended to get to the root cause of your illness and suggest a treatment plan to help resolve it. Where appropriate, our GP’s can then recommend that you be signed off from work whilst you seek treatment or recovery time.

As a private healthcare service, we provide the same sick note Med3 forms as the NHS but with a faster turnaround time with GP availability same day or next day in most cases - all done at our CQC-certified clinics in the city centre of both Liverpool & Manchester.

If you are unable to attend work or your college/university, we are able to provide private Med 3 certificates or a private sick note to cover your absence as well as diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses if needed. We can also provide a sick note with specific details depending on your workplace or organisation's requirements when requested.

If your sickness requires a greater level of investigation, we can also offer a full range of private healthcare services, and occupational health services such as an independent medical opinion when needed.


Private sick note costs



Private sick note / letter

(excludes appointment, from £70)



*** Pall Mall Medical are NOT able to backdate a sick note beyond what our GP is able to examine/review in clinic ***


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To book an appointment for a private sick note or letter, please call our customer service team on 0330 058 44 55 or email