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Golf Health Screen

Health Screens with
golfers in mind

from £249

We have experience of delivering 5 star services to over 10,000 patients every year.

This is why our patients rate us Excellent on Trustpilot.

How much is a Private Golf Health Screen?

  • Well Man / Well Woman checks for 45+
  • PSA (prostate cancer test)
  • Bronze, plus:
  • ECG (heart rhythm)
  • Cortisol test (stress & adrenaline levels)
  • PLAC test (your risk of heart disease or a stroke)
  • Bronze & Silver, plus:
  • Karl Morris personalised mental game programme
  • High performance blood diagnostics for muscle inflammation, energy and fatigue
  • Male hormone screen (testosterone levels & liver / kidney function)
  • Bronze & Silver, plus:
  • High performance blood diagnostics for muscle inflammation, energy and fatigue
  • Male hormone screen (testosterone levels & liver / kidney function)
  • MRI scan (one area eg wrist, knee, elbow, shoulder, hand)
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold (both A&B), plus any one of:
  • ColoAlert test (bowel cancer)
  • Vitamin Blood profiling
  • MRI scan (2nd area)
  • CT Calcium Score test (coronary artery plaque levels)
*Any clinical services taken during the appointment will incur additional fees including testing, referral letters and prescriptions.

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Karl Morris Coaching Programmes

Karl Morris is one of the world’s most renowned golf performance coaches. He has worked with golfers of ALL levels helping them demystify the mental game with practical and applicable tools, including Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke, Louis Oosthuizen and Graeme McDowell – helping them on their path to glory in the Open & US Open championships.

His co-authored “Lost Art of golf” series of books have topped Amazon’s golf charts in the UK – and his “Brain Booster” podcast series regularly sees him interviewing golfing luminaries offering insights into the mental aspects of the game.

You mental game health programme with Karl will include:
  • 3 x Monthly personal Zoom sessions with Karl
  • A tailored programme designed for you
  • Weekly back up & analysis support by email
  • Recommended practice schedule
  • Access to Karl’s “Breakthrough Programme” – a series of videos, audio & e-books to support your learning
Pall Mall Health Screens

With everything that’s happened to us over the last few years, our general health has never been more important – and can be a contributory factor to our performance on the course.

Niggling injuries become persistent ones (and more painful).  Who doesn’t know a golfer with some ailment – be it a dodgy knee, elbow, wrist or shoulder?

If we start feeling more tired than we used to after 18 holes, that might be age, or it might just as easily be an iron or hormone deficiency that is manageable and can be addressed.

A health screen can also flag up danger signs for more series conditions that could affect any of us as we age – such as the risk of coronary disease, stroke, or certain cancers.

Having a health screen at any point in our lives is important – as it can guide us into lifestyle changes essential for our wellbeing.

Your health screen at Pall Mall will be carried out by a private GP & nurse in one of our city centre clinics in Manchester or Liverpool.

Health Screens Designed For Golfers

Anyone can book a health screen at Pall Mall to discuss any current symptoms, or just for peace of mind. Appointments take place in our private clinic in Manchester and Liverpool City Centre.

Take your health into your own hands.

  1. Call or enquire online to book your appointment
  2. We’ll agree a convenient time to undertake your tests, and start your programme with Karl
  3. Meet with Private GP & nurse in central Manchester & Liverpool 
  4. Receive the results of your personalised health assessment back within 7 days

We put you at the heart of everything we do

We put the patient at the heart of everything we do.

Pall Mall Medical is owned and led by doctors –which means care without compromise. We’re driven by how best we can deliver what you need from start to finish.

  • Care Quality Commission Regulated.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • No waiting lists.
  • Rated 4.95 by our patients.
  • No referrals required.

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