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Womens Health Screening

Our tailored health screens are an ideal way to get an accurate picture of your health.

Tailored for women, and performed in a comfortable and relaxed setting, the appointment covers all aspects of your lifestyle, family history,  your own medical history, and a blood test to look for possible future problems.

Also included is a report, detailing the results and findings including things that may be of concern and follow-up advice. If you'd like even more detail, you can add extras on such as MRI scansallergy tests and further blood tests - these can be discussed during your appointment with the doctor and can be arranged at the same time.


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Why Choose us?

  • Comfortable setting
  • Identify issues early on
  • Discounted additional services available
  • No referral needed
  • At your convenience
  • Available at multiple locations

Our Pricing

Women - Under 45 Women - Over 45
£210 £240
Doctor consultation
Personal Medical Report
Medical History
Lifestyle Assessment
Physical Examination
Height, Weight & BMI
Blood Pressure & Pulse
Detailed Blood Analysis
Health Promotion Literature
Urine Analysis
Diabetes Risk
Anaemia Risk
Cardiovascular Disease Risk
Thyroid Disease Risk
Liver Disease Risk
Kidney Disease Risk
Cholesterol Levels Risk
Advice on Self Breast Examination
Ovarian Cancer Test (CA125) *

Recommended Additional Services

Prices valid when bought alongside a Well Woman Health Screen;

  • Chest X-Ray = £100
  • Combined CA125 and HE4 blood test = £95 *
  • Mammogram = £175
  • CT Calcium Heart Score = £300
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) = £80
  • Full body MRI scan = £749
  • Lung function test / Spirometry = £60
  • Virtual Colonoscopy = £600
  • Appointment with Specialist Consultant = £225

* Recent research suggests that the combined CA125 and HE4 blood test provide more accurate results than the CA125 blood test on its own. If you would like the combined CA125 and HE4 test, instead of the CA125 test, please let our bookings team know (additional cost of £95.00).

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