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Private Vasectomy Procedures

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A vasectomy is a contraceptive method that is suitable for men who are sure they don’t want any, or any more, children. Get peace of mind and have your vasectomy performed as a private procedure at Pall Mall Medical. You dont need a referral, its fully confidential and you can choose a surgical vasectomy or the minimally invasive, non-scalpel vasectomy.


What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a simple operation to cut and seal off the tubes (called the vas deferens) that will prevent sperm entering the fluid when a man ejaculates. This is a common procedure chosen by men worldwide for the benefit of family planning. It offers a permanent solution to your contraceptive needs, being over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

  • It is a safe procedure carried out by our Consultant Urologist or specialist Doctor
  • It can be done as a day case procedure taking only around 20 minutes
  • It is one of the most effective methods of contraception
  • It does not affect your hormones or testosterone level
  • It will not affect your ability to orgasm, or ejaculate


The non scalpel vasectomy

The non-scalpel vasectomy technique is minimally invasive and just as effective as the traditional surgical option. It involves making a very small incision in the middle of the scrotum that will normally heal without the need for stitches and leave no scarring. The non-scalpel vasectomy method is a popular choice because it doesn't require surgery, so the recovery is much more comfortable, with minimal downtime and you will be able to return to work quicker. 

As its minimally invasive, you will also benefit from a reduced risk of bleeding, infections and other complications.



How effective is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy of any type is considered as one of the most reliable methods of contraception with a success rate over 99%.  Although no procedure is totally safe or effective, the failure rate is less than one percent. This is an ideal choice for men who want an effective and permanent form of male sterilisation.

A vasectomy procedure does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections or disease.


Why choose Pall Mall Medical?

  • You do not need a referral from your NHS GP
  • You can book without any waiting list or delays
  • We're fully registered with the CQC (care quality commission)
  • Choice of procedure as surgery or non-scalpel
  • No obligation consultations also available
  • Convenient appointments to suit your schedule
  • Clinics located in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows (St Helens)


Our Expert Consultants

Private vasectomy with Mr Omar in Newton-le-Willows  Private Vasectomy with Mr Parnham in Newton-le-Willows  Private vasectomy with Mr Jain in Newton-le-Willows  Private non-scalpel vasectomy with Dr Brink in Manchester, Liverpool and Newton-le-Willows

Our expert Consultant Urologists include Mr Omar, Mr ParnhamMr Jain and Dr Brink.


Vasectomy prices




Non-Scalpel Vasectomy


Initial Consultation: £225

Procedure: Please enquire

Vasectomy (Surgical)
Includes follow up appointment


Initial Consultation: £225

Procedure: Please enquire

Post-op Semen Analysis Manchester, Newton-le-Willows, Liverpool Please enquire


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For further information about a surgical vasectomy or non-scalpel vasectomy, call us for a confidential chat on 0330 058 4455, complete an enquiry form above for a call back, or email us direct on

Private vasectomy and non scalpel vasectomy at Pall Mall Medical