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We’re one of the few cosmetic surgery providers owned and led by doctors, with clinics in Manchester and Liverpool and a private hospital in Newton-le-Willows (UK north west) which means you can expect the best possible care and results.

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Alecia Wilcock's Rhinoplasty at Pall Mall

Discover Alecia's journey to Pall Mall, driven by a lifelong dissatisfaction with her side profile. Transitioning from temporary fillers to a permanent solution, Alecia chose Open Septorhinoplasty.

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Kerry Katona's Transformative Surgery at Pall Mall Cosmetics

Kerry Katona's Facial Surgery at Pall Mall - Expert Care and Stunning Results

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Lillie Haynes Rhinoplasty

Lillie Haynes – ‘I finally feel pretty and I’m over the moon with the results’.

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Bav Kang - Open Rhinoplasty at Pall Mall

Follow Bav Kang's journey with Mr. Raghavan at Pall Mall as she chooses Open Rhinoplasty to address insecurities about her nose and side profile.

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Gabriella Bardsley Septorhinoplasty

"My results are so much better than I could have ever imagined" Gabriella Bardsley Septorhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty patient Danielle at Pall Mall

We’ve sat down with one of our recent cosmetic surgery patients, Danielle, to talk about her journey with Pall Mall.

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Danette Wynter Septorhinoplasty

"Now I can’t stop sharing selfies!" Danette Wynter Septorhinoplasty

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Loren Logan Septorhinoplasty

"I still can’t believe it’s my nose!" Loren Logan Septorhinoplasty