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DNA Testing

Private DNA Paternity Testing

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We offer various DNA tests depending on your requirements and reasons for the test. Appointments are available with private doctors in Manchester, Liverpool, and Newton-le-Willows.

What is a DNA Paternity Test?

Paternity testing is a straightforward and highly accurate way to determine whether a man is the biological father of the child in question. The tests are done through collecting a small amount of cells from either inside the cheek or through a blood test. As DNA is unique to an individual, a child will have the exact DNA of its mother and father, making it possible to determine whether an individual is the father of the child or not.


What type of DNA tests are available?

’Peace of Mind’ DNA test

A peace of mind paternity test is suitable for personal reassurance, but results can’t be used for legal matters. Results from these DNA tests guarantee 99.99% accuracy for a positive match or genetic inclusion (the suspected father’s DNA was found) and 100% accuracy for a negative result (the suspected father’s DNA was not found). You will receive the results from this test within 3 working days from the lab receiving the test.

If you require a DNA test which can be used to change a birth certificate or used in court then you will need a legal DNA test.


Legal DNA test for paternity and courts

Pall Mall Medical’s DNA testing clinic and laboratory work closely with members of the public, family and immigration solicitors. Our test reports can be used as evidence of paternity for matters concerning the Home Office (e.g. to prove a family relationship for immigration purposes) and Civil Courts.

Legal DNA paternity tests from Pall Mall Medical are suitable to be used in such circumstances as we ensure all tests follow a strict confidentiality and tamper-proof process:

  • All samples are collected by an impartial third party, most often a GP.
  • People who provide a sample for testing are identified by photographic ID during their sample collection appointment.
  • Given samples are sealed with tamper-proof tape, before being hand delivered to the laboratory by a member of our staff or by courier. 
  • Once the samples arrive in our laboratory they are logged and then checked for tampering.

Our partner laboratory is fully accredited, which means it has been independently assessed by industry experts from the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). 

Test results are available within 11 working days once your samples are received into our partner UKAS ISO17025 accredited laboratory. We also offer 4 day and 6 day turnarounds.


Home DNA Test Kits

Home DNA testing kits are available to purchase from Pall Mall Medical and can be purchased at any of our locations, or over the phone, for just £175 (excluding postage & packaging). All instructions and test materials to take a sample are included in the kit. Your test can then be sent to our partner laboratory directly.

Home DNA tests cannot be used for legal/court cases when paternity is in question. Please refer to our legal DNA testing services to maintain the chain-of-custody and provide a result that can be used in a courtroom environment.


DNA test prices



Peace of Mind DNA test

(not for legal / court use)

Excludes doctor appointment, from £70



Home DNA Test Kit by Alphabiolabs

(not for legal / court use)


Legal DNA Test - 4 day turnaround

Excludes doctor appointment, from £70



Legal DNA Test - 6 day turnaround

Excludes doctor appointment, from £70



Legal DNA Test - 11 day turnaround

Excludes doctor appointment, from £70



Read our full terms and conditions regarding DNA tests.

Please note that turnaround times are from when the lab receives the samples sent from Pall Mall Medical.