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Exercise Stress Test (Stres...

Exercise Stress & Tolerance Test (Stress ECG)

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What is an exercise stress test?

This is an ECG carried out whilst you are walking on a treadmill.  This test is usually carried out for people who complain of exercise-induced shortness of breath or chest pain.


How does an exercise stress test / exercise tolerance test work?

The test takes around 20-30 minutes (depending on how long you manage on the treadmill) and is carried out as an outpatient. Ten sticky electrodes are placed over your chest and abdomen. A small monitor is worn on a belt around your waist. These are attached to an ECG monitor that follows the electrical activity of your heart during the test. You will then walk on a treadmill or pedal on an exercise bicycle.


As you exercise, readings are taken and relayed to a computer, recording vital statistics about your performance. These are then analysed by the consultant cardiologist, who will then be able to diagnose potential problems and suggest an action plan for treatment.


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Exercise Stress Test / Exercise Tolerance Testing