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Prostate MRI Scan - Multi-Parametric MRI of Prostate

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The state-of-the-art mp-MRI (Multi-Parametric) prostate scan could cut prostate cancer diagnosis times from six weeks in the NHS to a matter of days at our CQC-certified clinic in the North West. The Multi-Parametric MRI of the Prostate is a world-leading method designed to detect over 90% of clinically significant prostate cancers and identify 1 in 4 men who can safely avoid having any invasive biopsy.


What is a Multi-Parametric MRI of the Prostate?

Multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (Multi-Parametric MRI) is a type of scan that uses magnetic fields to create a detailed picture of the prostate and surrounding tissues - it is an advanced tool to help diagnose prostate cancer. Multi-Parametric MRI scanning enables evaluation of the anatomy, blood supply and density of tissues. There is no radiation involved and the scan is non-invasive. 


Overview of the mp-MRI technique

  • Using Multi-Parametric MRI scans prior to prostate biopsies can identify around one in four men who can safely avoid having a biopsy
  • Each year hundreds of thousands of men have “TRUS biopsies” to help diagnose if they have prostate cancer
    • TRUS biopsies are not very reliable in identifying clinically significant prostate cancer, missing around half of clinically important cancers; they also pick up low-risk types of cancer that may never become clinically important
    • TRUS biopsies are uncomfortable for patients, and have a number of risks, including infections, pain, blood in urine or sperm and pain while urinating
  • Using Multi-Parametric MRI scans as triage prior to TRUS biopsy can reduce the number of men who need to have biopsies, while detecting over 90% of clinically significant prostate cancers
  • Multi-Parametric MRI scans are performed at Pall Mall Medical and produce excellent results



Why aren’t Multi-Parametric MRI scans being used routinely already to help diagnose prostate cancer?

Some hospitals already use Multi-Parametric MRI to help diagnose prostate cancer, but it is not yet standard practice. This is because, until the PROMIS study, there was not enough evidence to show that MRI results are good at identifying or ruling out clinically important prostate cancer.

The studies that had been carried out before PROMIS suffered from design problems that meant they were not widely accepted by bodies such as NICE and doctors in general.

Many hospitals do not have a MRI scanner that is of sufficient quality to provide the Multi-Parametric MRI scan.

Pall Mall Medical’s MRI scanner has been used for Multi-Parametric MRI scans delivering a very high quality of results.

How many men could avoid unnecessary biopsies if Multi-Parametric MRI was used as a test to decide who needs a biopsy?

27% of men had a negative MRI. Because the sensitivity and negative predictive value of Multi-Parametric MRI are so high, this means about a quarter of men would be able to safely avoid a TRUS biopsy if MRI was performed first.


What options are available at Pall Mall Medical?

Pall Mall Medical offer the PSA blood test as part of our Well Man Health Screens. We also offer Prostate Health Screening with a Consultant Urologist.

Patients will typically choose a Well Man or Prostate Health Screen if they have related symptoms, family/previous history or are simply looking for peace of mind.

Pall Mall Medical is working with Consultant Urologic Radiologist, Dr Sanjay Agarwal, who is able to offer the Multi-Parametric MRI scan using our high specfication MRI scan. Dr Agarwal will provide a full interpretation of the results and will work with Pall Mall Medical’s Consultant Urologists to arrange treatment plans, where necessary.

People often worry about prostate cancer – for various reasons – the Multi-Parametric MRI scan, available at Pall Mall Medical is a great solution to assist surgeons where to biopsy.

Positive PSA doesn't always mean cancer and a negative Multi-Parametric MRI scan can avoid unnecessary operations and biopsy. 

If you are a worried about prostate cancer or have family history, you should certainly consider a Multi-Parametric MRI for peace of mind.


What is the price of a Multi-Parametric MRI of the prostate?



Multi-Parametric MRI scan of the prostate



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