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We detect over 90% of prostate cancers and identify 1 in 4 men who can safely avoid having a biopsy.

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Prostate MRI Scan

Multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging (Multi-Parametric MRI) is a type of scan that uses magnetic fields to create a detailed picture of the prostate and surrounding tissues - it is an advanced tool to help diagnose prostate cancer. Multi-Parametric MRI scanning enables evaluation of the anatomy, blood supply and density of tissues. There is no radiation involved.

Overview of the mp-MRI technique

  • Using Multi-Parametric MRI scans prior to prostate biopsies can identify around one in four men who can safely avoid having a biopsy
  • Each year hundreds of thousands of men have “TRUS biopsies” to help diagnose if they have prostate cancer
    • TRUS biopsies are not very reliable in identifying clinically significant prostate cancer, missing around half of clinically important cancers; they also pick up low-risk types of cancer that may never become clinically important
    • TRUS biopsies are uncomfortable for patients, and have a number of risks, including infections, pain, blood in urine or sperm and pain while urinating
  • Using Multi-Parametric MRI scans as triage prior to TRUS biopsy can reduce the number of men who need to have biopsies, while detecting over 90% of clinically significant prostate cancers
  • Multi-Parametric MRI scans are performed at Pall Mall Medical and produce excellent results

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Multi-Parametric MRI scan of the prostate £975

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