Travel Vaccinations in Somalia

Somalia is a sovereign country located in East Africa with a population of 15 million people and climate at a high of 40C. Malaria is present and can be a serious risk in Somalia. Antimalarials are key to make sure you stay protected during your trip. Mosquito repellents and netting will also help you avoid diseases like malaria and Dengue.

Healthcare in Somalia is extremely limited with very low stocks of prescription medicine. Make sure to bring enough prescription drugs for your stay. Most medical facilities need payment before a procedure.


Vaccination Advice When...
Typhoid Vaccination recommended 10 days before travel
Hepatitis A Vaccination recommended 2 weeks before travel
Diphtheria Vaccination recommended 3 months before travel
Tuberculosis *Vaccination sometimes recommended 3 months before travel
Hepatitis B *Vaccination sometimes recommended 2 months before travel
Rabies *Vaccination sometimes recommended 1 month before travel
Meningitis *Vaccination sometimes recommended 2-3 weeks before travel
Cholera *Vaccination sometimes recommended 2 weeks before travel
Yellow Fever Certificate of vaccination required if arriving from an infected area and vaccination recommended for all travellers visiting endemic areas 10 days before travel
Japanese B encephalitis Not required
Tick-borne encephalitis Not required