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Chickenpox Vaccination

Chickenpox is not a serious illness but it can be very uncomfortable for children as the symptoms include flu-like symptoms and a very itchy rash. As chickenpox is not a serious illness and children only usually get the illness once, immunisation is not routinely available on the NHS. If you are concerned that your child (or yourself) is at risk of catching a serious illness as a result of chickenpox then speak to Pall Mall Medical about a chickenpox vaccination.


This can be administered from one year of age through to adults.

Two doses should be given, with an interval between doses of at least 6 weeks but in no circumstances less than 4 weeks.

One dose of Varilrix (chickenpox vaccine) may be administered after the first dose of another varicella-containing vaccine.

If you are pregnant you should not have this vaccine.

Our Pricing

Service Price
Chickenpox Vaccinations £105 per dose*
(£80for vaccination + £25 appointment fee to administer the vaccine)

* 2 doses are required

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