Travel Vaccinations for Cyprus

Vaccination Advice When...
Typhoid Not required
Hepatitis A *Vaccination sometimes recommended 2 weeks before travel
Diphtheria Not required
Tuberculosis Not required
Hepatitis B Not required
Rabies Not required
Meningitis Not required
Cholera Not required
Yellow Fever Not required
Japanese B encephalitis Not required
Tick-borne encephalitis Not required

What does 'vaccination recommended' mean for travelling to Cyprus?

While it isn't a requirement to pass border control and customs when you enter the country, given the presence of the particular disease in the country, you may want to protect yourself from the risk of contracting an illness while you visit. Being protected is better than becoming ill while abroad.

Also depending upon your plans for your destination and your accommodation plans, you may benefit from a vaccination as a preventative measure.

For example, if you intend to visit local farms, isolated sections, intend to stay outside of a hotel environment, you may benefit from the protection of a vaccination as your risk of contracting certain diseases and illnesses increases.

What does 'sometimes recommended' mean for travelling to Cyprus?

If you have travelled from an area where a particular vaccination was required, you may require that vaccination for your next destination also (eg, Yellow Fever when travelling from a previous Yellow Fever area).