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Hepatitis A is a viral liver infection common to Africa and India – it causes fever, sickness and diarrhoea and if not treated, it can lead to liver infection. Typhoid is a potentially fatal illness caused by salmonella food poisoning and is found in areas of the world where sanitation levels are poor. Both diseases are caused by ingesting food or water contaminated by faeces. This combined vaccination needs to be taken at least two weeks before travel.

The combined vaccination is suitable for people aged 16 years and over.

A single dose should be given two weeks before travel, to allow protection to develop fully.

It should provide protection for up to 36 months from both Hepatitis A and Typhoid Fever.

We can offer single vaccinations for children; the combined vaccination is only suitable for people under the age of 16 years of age.


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Our Pricing

Service Price
Hepatitis A & Typhoid vaccination £85 per dose*
(£60 for vaccination + £25 appointment fee to administer the vaccine)

* Patients who require multiple vaccinations within the same appointment are eligible for a £25 discount for each additional vaccine and are only required to pay the £25 appointment fee once. Please check in advance that the combination of vaccines required is clinically recommended and appropriate. 

** A £25 deposit is required per patient at the time of booking.

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