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Children should be vaccinated against Men C at 3 and 12 months, with a booster injection in their early teens. The meningitis group C infection can cause meninges and septicaemia so if you’re unsure if your child is protected talk to the experts at Pall Mall Medical for advice. The meningitis C vaccine (MenC) protects against infection by meningococcal group C bacteria, which can cause meningitis and septicaemia.

For children aged 12 months and over, adolescents and adults, only one dose of the vaccine is needed.

For infants under 12 months, three doses are required.

Note: MenC does not protect against other types of meningitis caused by other bacteria or by viruses.


Our Pricing

Service Price
Meningitis C vaccination £80 per dose*
(£55 for vaccination + £25 appointment fee to administer the vaccine)

* Patients who require multiple vaccinations within the same appointment are eligible for a £25 discount for each additional vaccine and are only required to pay the £25 appointment fee once. Please check in advance that the combination of vaccines required is clinically recommended and appropriate. 

** A £25 deposit is required per patient at the time of booking.

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