Travel Vaccinations for Lebanon

Lebanon is a country located in western Asia with a population of 6 million people and a high of 31C. Lebanon is low risk for contracting diseases. However, travellers should still take precaution and be up to date with routine vaccines before visiting the country.


Vaccination Advice When...
Typhoid *Vaccination sometimes recommended 10 days before travel
Hepatitis A Vaccination recommended 2 weeks before travel
Diphtheria *Vaccination sometimes recommended 3 months before travel
Tuberculosis *Vaccination sometimes recommended 3 months before travel
Hepatitis B *Vaccination sometimes recommended 2 months before travel
Rabies Not required
Meningitis Not required
Cholera Not required
Yellow Fever Certificate of vaccination required if arriving from an infected area 10 days before travel
Japanese B encephalitis Not required
Tick-borne encephalitis Not required