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Shingles affect older people who have previously had chicken pox and the virus causes a very painful rash. Shingles are most common in people over 50 so it’s recommended that people in this age group are vaccinated against the infection.

Pall Mall Medical provides a vaccine called Zostavax which is licensed for the prevention of shingles and postherpetic neuralgia for people over the age of 50.


Our Pricing

Service Price
Shingles vaccination £175 per dose*
(£150 for vaccination + £25 appointment fee to administer the vaccine)

* Patients who require multiple vaccinations within the same appointment are eligible for a £25 discount for each additional vaccine and are only required to pay the £25 appointment fee once. Please check in advance that the combination of vaccines required is clinically recommended and appropriate. 

** A £25 deposit is required per patient at the time of booking.

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