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Private Healthcare – does it cost as much as you think?

View the top 30 private healthcare services and find out what they cost in comparison to everyday lifestyle expenses to give some perspective on the value of going private.

Plus, we also meet our patient Jon who shares his private healthcare story with us. He highlights how seeing a private specialist Dermatologist helped him to finally get a health problem under control that had been causing him issues for over five years after long waits and multiple incorrect diagnoses.

We look into some of our top services and compare the costs to everyday lifestyle expenses to give you an idea of the REAL COST of private healthcare. We also look at the average NHS waiting times for these services and treatments

What is the real cost of Private Healthcare in the UK?

There’s a common misconception that private healthcare is expensive, but if you look into the costs for individual consultations, tests or procedures and take into account the benefits, it’s actually more affordable than you may think.

How much do Private Healthcare Services in the UK really cost?

We look into some of our top healthcare services and compare their costs to everyday lifestyle expenses. This puts into perspective the REAL COST of private healthcare, comparing it to NHS waiting times. 

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Meet our patient Jon…

Jon decided to go down the route of private healthcare due to a need to get a problem under control that he’d been suffering from for over five years. Jon had experienced a series of poor/inaccurate diagnoses and failed treatments for a skin condition which was affecting his hands.

Jon said: “After failed diagnoses, my main motivator for turning to private healthcare was a desire to prevent long term damage to the skin on my hands. My job requires me to visit food & beverage factories/pharmaceutical factories and they always ask for a declaration of any skin conditions, soit was vital for me to get this problem under control, my career would be affected.”

“The problem first started five years ago when my first child was born and I needed to wash my hands so much more than I’d ever had to before. My skin became very brittle and dry, and eventually very cracked too which led to some bleeding. I visited my GP on several occasions and was prescribed a series of weak steroid creams, none of which were strong enough to sort out the problem.”

Jon had been through several treatments from a GP diagnosis, but had lost some faith and knew he needed to see a specialist to get on top of the issue.

“I was seen within a week of making an enquiry and after a 10-minute consultation with a specialist dermatologist, I was prescribed a treatment with clear application instructions. Within a week, the problem was completely under control and no longer visible on the skin.”

Jon notes that the main way he benefited from private healthcare was the speed of consultation/diagnosis and the targeted approach to fixing a problem by a specialist. As a result, Jon was discharged after a four week follow up appointment.

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Pall Mall to friends, family and anybody else who is interested in sorting out any healthcare issues in a fast and efficient manner. I wish I had gone down this route years ago".

I am a long believer in the NHS. But, through my experience as both an NHS and Private GP, I strongly feel that the NHS are under extreme pressure and increasing demand that mean it’s struggling to cater for patients efficiently.
Private Healthcare offers no queues, no waiting time and no anxiety waiting for scans or referrals. With Private Healthcare, the service is faster and takes place in excellent facilities with many experienced consultant specialists available. Additionally, GPs deliver a first class service to patients..

- Pall Mall Medical’s GP, Dr Chun Tang


What are the benefits of Private Healthcare?

Be seen faster and diagnosed quicker

You may choose to take advantage of private healthcare to receive treatment more quickly. Public healthcare services can become overwhelmed leading to long waiting lists

Additional Services

Private healthcare offers additional services and specialised treatments that may not be available within the public healthcare system.

Quality Care

With private healthcare you can rest assured that you are getting the best service and care with expert practitioners and leading specialists at your disposal.

Why Choose Pall Mall?

  • We’re a family-run private healthcare provider focussed on delivering healthcare services that meet patients’ needs and help them to thrive and live longer, healthier, happier lives.

  • We’re proud to work with some of the most experienced and highly skilled surgeons, doctors and consultants in the world. With our team beside you, you can feel confident that you will receive the best possible care and service throughout your journey with us.

  • We have no waiting lists at our clinics and we can usually book you in for a same-day appointment. We’re also open late nights and at weekends, so you can book an appointment at a time to suit you.

  • We offer a range of medical finance options on over 70 services. This means you can spread the costs over months and even years if you need to.

  • We have three clinics located in the heart of the North West – Liverpool and Manchester city centre and Newton-le-Willows. Our privately-owned hospital is also located at our Newton-Le-Willows site.

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