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Private Haematology Services

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Haematology services can identify, diagnose and treat problems with the blood and related tissues such as bone marrow and the spleen. Your GP or other consultants may refer or recommend you take a specialist test or scan to help with form a haematology opinion, if they suspect that you suffer from any of the following:

Anaemia (lack of haemoglobin)

Anaemia can cause tiredness, heart palpitations and breathlessness and is most common in women who experience heavy periods or who are pregnant. It’s usually treated with iron supplements and changes to diet but it’s important to get a proper diagnoses before making any changes yourself, particularly if you are pregnant.

Polycythaemia (excess amount of haemoglobin and red cells)

Polycythaemia causes the blood to thicken due to an excess of red blood cells. Symptoms include dizziness, high blood pressure, itchy, red skin and headaches. People with polycythaemia have an increased risk of blood clots so it’s important to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan from an expert.

Blood clot in the leg veins (DVT)

DVTs are potentially life threatening and can cause pain and swelling in the leg. Complications include the blood clot breaking up and causing a blockage in the lungs. DVTs are treated by taking medicine to thin the blood and by wearing compression stockings to improve blood flow.

If you have concers about vascular issues such as blood clotting, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or varicose veins, Pall Mall Medical also offer consultations with a Consultant Vascular Surgeon - please click here.

Familial tendency for blood clots (thrombophilia)

If you have an increased risk of developing blood clots then a consultant haematologists can recommend a treatment programme to reduce the risk of you developing the condition.

Bleeding (or easy bruising) disorders

Bleeding disorders occur when the blood doesn’t clot properly and can cause excessive or extended bleeding or bruising.

Pall Mall Medical have a range of over 1500 tests including blood, urine and other samples that you can simply choose and book. For a summary of blood tests available, please click here.

Enlarged lymph nodes (lumps in areas of the neck, armpits and groin)

Infection in the lymph nodes can cause them to swell and become tender. If you have swollen lymph glands then an expert diagnosis is vital to rule out the risk of cancer.

Excess body iron storage (hemochromatosis)

When your body stores too much iron this can cause a number of serious conditions including liver cirrhosis, cancer and diabetes. Hemochromatosis is a hereditary condition with a range of symptoms including tiredness, lethargy and joint pain and is usually diagnosed with blood tests, liver function tests, an MRI or a liver tissue sample.

You can book an MRI scan at Pall Mall Medical without any NHS referral and there are no waiting lists. Scans are performed at our private hospital in Newton-le-Willows (St Helens). Contact our imaging team to arrange your scan.

Abnormal blood cell count

An abnormal blood count could be due to a serious underlying disease like leukaemia, lymphoma or Myeloma.

  • Any other blood related disorder

There are a number of tests that can be taken to diagnose the above issues and your GP or consultant may recommend extra investigations including:

  • Specialist blood tests

  • CT or MRI scan to check if lymph nodes inside the chest or abdomen are also enlarged
  • Bone marrow analysis


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