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What can an orthopaedic surgeon help with?

Our orthopaedic surgeons are able to assess and treat a wide range of joint and limb related injuries and conditions. This includes joint replacements, upper limb surgery (shoulder, elbow and hand) and lower limb (hip, knee, ankle and foot), as well as spinal surgery.

When you get an injury or develop a condition, an orthopaedic surgeon can provide an accurate diagnosis of the cause of any pain, and the best course of action for treatment.

Detailed MRI scans, CT scans and X-rays can be taken at our private diagnostic and surgical centre, allowing the consultant to get to the route of the problem quickly without needing to refer you to other clinics. Our consultants can also arrange surgery if required to try and correct persistent problems, including reconstructive and joint replacement operations.

We also treat popular sports injuries, these include tennis and golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder and ligament and tendon problems.


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