MRI Full Body Scan - Terms and Conditions

We are delighted that you have chosen us for your MRI scan and hope that the below information provides you with everything you may need before undertaking your MRI scan.

MRI does not expose the patient to any significant direct harm.

The scan does not expose the body to X-ray radiation. No evidence has been found to suggest the magnetic fields and radio waves, used during the MRI scan, have an impact on a patient’s health.

Not everybody is able to have an MRI scan. It is important before your scan to inform the clinician if you believe you have any metal within your body. The clinician will advise you if you are not permitted to undergo the scan.

What is included in the brain & body MRI scan

A full body MRI scan is looking for and is able to detect pathology in the vital organs as follows:

Head / neck Aneurysm, brain tumours, blocked arteries
Spine Evidence of Compression fractures, tumours, nerve compression, vertebrae collapse
Abdomen Evidence of tumours in pancreas, liver, kidney & gall bladder
Evidence of other liver diseases such as abscess, alcoholic liver disease (if there is physical damage to the liver)
Evidence of prostate diseases (except prostate cancer, which would require a Multi-Parametric MRI of the prostate)
Evidence of other diseases of kidney such as cysts
Gall Stones
Adrenal tumours
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Pelvis Uterus – Evidence of tumours and polyps
Ovaries – Evidence of ovarian tumours and cysts
Bladder – Evidence of tumour


To claim your 50% discount off an advanced brain and body scan at Pall Mall Medical, please quote BBSCAN50 upon booking.

If the radiographer needs to apply contrast due to the nature of the scan then an additional cost of £150.00 is required.

Offer valid from 1st – 30th September 2020

48 hours cancellation policy applies.

What is not included

A full body MRI scan does not look for and is not able to detect pathology as follows:

Heart disease Evidence of coronary artery disease and valve disease (requiring ECG and Echocardiogram)
Lung disease Evidence of COPD and Lung cancer (this would require lung function tests and chest x-ray)
Bowel Evidence of bowel cancer and polyps (requiring a colonoscopy or virtual colonoscopy)
Prostate Evidence of prostate cancer (this would require a blood test or special Multi-Parametric MRI of the prostate)
Arthritis Evidence of arthritis in hips, knees, ankles, shoulder or other joints (these would require specific joint X-ray or MRI joint by joint)
Kidney Evidence of kidney failure (this would require a blood test)

Evidence of kidney stones (renal calculus)

Liver Evidence of liver failure or alcoholic liver diseases (this would require blood tests)
Other Anything not listed in the above list, "What is included in the full body MRI scan", is excluded and not reported on in the MRI scan

Should you require further imaging or tests for areas not covered by our MRI scan, please speak to the clinician who will provide and discuss with you appropriate information and prices.

How long will it take for my report

We aim to process all reports in 14 days; however occasionally due to operational issues the report may take longer than 14 days.

Please do not worry; this is not because we have found abnormalities in your report.

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