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24 Hour Blood Pressure Moni...

24 Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

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High blood pressure can lead to a number of serious health conditions such as heart failure, stroke, and heart disease. You may already be aware that you suffer from high blood pressure after having your blood pressure tested by your doctor, but a 24 hour blood pressure test is a more accurate measure of how hard your heart is working over an entire day. If you have been offered medication to lower your blood pressure, then 24 hour monitoring will give your GP a more accurate reading of your blood pressure to determine what medication you require.


How will my blood pressure be measured over 24 hours?

At your consultation, one of our experts will fit an inflatable blood pressure cuff to your left upper arm. Over the next 24 hours, the cuff will measure your blood pressure at half hour intervals during the day and at hour intervals during the night. The results will be recorded on a monitor which is stored in a small bag you can wear across your body. The monitor is small enough to be worn under your clothing.


How will I know when the monitor is taking a reading?

The monitor will ‘beep’ to let you know that the cuff is going to inflate. When you hear this noise, all you have to do is straighten and relax your left arm so the cuff can inflate and the monitor can obtain an accurate reading. If, for any reason, the monitor is unable to take a reading, it will try again 5 minutes later.


What happens next?

Once 24 hours have passed, you will return to the clinic to have the cuff and monitor removed. The data from the monitor will then be downloaded and analysed by one of our experts who will then explain the results to you. Depending on the results, you may be required to take medication to manage your blood pressure.





24-hour blood pressure monitoring

(excludes GP appointment, from £70)